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    About Dark Souls Remastered

    Dark Souls Remastered is a video game that is an enhanced version of the original Dark Souls game released in 2011. It was developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game is categorized as an action role-playing game, known for its challenging gameplay, dark fantasy setting, and immersive storytelling.


    In Dark Souls Remastered, players take on the role of a cursed undead character who must explore the treacherous world of Lordran and defeat powerful enemies in order to break the curse. The game features a nonlinear world with interconnected zones and a variety of diverse environments to explore.

    One of the main features of Dark Souls Remastered is its difficulty. The game provides a challenging experience that requires precise timing, strategic planning, and quick reflexes. Players must learn from their mistakes and adapt their tactics to overcome the game's formidable enemies and encounters.

    Dark Souls Remastered also offers online multiplayer functionality, allowing players to team up or invade each other's worlds for cooperative or PvP battles. The game received critical acclaim upon its release for its atmospheric world design, intricate level layouts, and satisfying combat mechanics. It continues to be highly regarded as one of the best video games ever made.


    About Dark Souls Remastered Souls


    In Dark Souls, souls serve as both the currency and experience points of the game. They are essential for a player's progression and growth in the game. Here are a few of the key roles that souls play in Dark Souls:

    Leveling Up: Souls are used to increase a player's stats such as health, stamina, and strength. By spending souls at bonfires, players can become stronger and better equipped to face the challenges ahead.

    Purchasing Items: Souls can be exchanged for various items, weapons, and armor from merchants found throughout the game. These items are crucial for surviving tough encounters and increasing one's chances of success.

    Upgrading Equipment: Souls are needed to upgrade weapons and armor at blacksmiths. By investing souls into enhancing equipment, players can significantly improve their combat prowess and withstand tougher enemies.

    Repairing Equipment: Souls can be used to repair damaged or broken equipment. Keeping gear in good condition ensures that players can continue to fight effectively without any hinderance.

    Penalty for Death: When players die, they lose all of their accumulated souls. They must return to the spot of their death to reclaim them. Failure to do so results in a permanent loss of those souls. This creates a high-stakes risk-reward dynamic, adding an extra layer of tension and importance to the acquisition and preservation of souls.

    In summary, souls drive character growth, provide resources for survival and progress, and add an element of risk-management to the game, making them a vital component of Dark Souls.


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    Browse through the available options and select the quantity of souls you want to purchase.

    (2)Click on "Add to Cart" and review your selection in the shopping cart.

    Proceed to the checkout page and fill in the required information, including your in-game character name and server.

    (3)Choose your preferred payment method and complete the transaction.

    (4)Contact FarmGolds.com's customer support or live chat to coordinate the delivery of the souls.

    Ensure to review FarmGolds.com's policies and guidelines before making a purchase for a smooth and secure transaction.


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    How to Farm Dark Souls Remastered Souls?


    Farming souls in Dark Souls Remastered can be a tedious but effective way to accumulate souls for leveling up, purchasing items, and upgrading equipment. Here are some methods to farm souls in the game:

    Enemy Farming: Find an area with respawning enemies and repeatedly defeat them. Look for areas with high-density enemy spawns or enemies that give a significant amount of souls. Examples include the Undead Burg, Painted World of Ariamis, or Anor Londo.

    Boss Farming: For players who can quickly defeat bosses, revisiting boss areas and defeating them again can yield a large number of souls. Bosses like Ornstein and Smough or the Bell Gargoyles are popular choices.

    Covenant Farming: Joining certain covenants, such as the Forest Hunter Covenant or Darkwraith Covenant, allows players to invade other players' worlds and defeat them. Successful invasions result in receiving a portion of the defeated player's souls.

    Co-op Play: Offering assistance to other players as a summon to defeat bosses will grant a share of the souls earned during the boss fight.

    It's important to note that farming souls might disrupt the intended gameplay experience. Dark Souls is known for its challenging nature, and farming can reduce the difficulty curve. It is recommended to balance farming with more conventional gameplay and exploration.


    Dark Souls Remastered Souls Farming Locations


    There are several effective locations for soul farming in Dark Souls Remastered. Here are some notable spots:

    The Painted World of Ariamis: The Phalanx enemies in this area drop a decent amount of souls and can be easily dispatched using area of effect attacks or backstabbing techniques.

    Darkroot Garden: The Forest Hunter enemies, including the humanoid NPCs and forest creatures, provide a good amount of souls. It's a good place for low to mid-level characters to farm souls.

    Anor Londo: The Silver Knights in Anor Londo drop a significant number of souls. They can be challenging to defeat, but they are worth the effort as they provide a substantial amount of souls.

    The Duke's Archives: The Pisaca enemies in The Duke's Archives are another good farming option. These squid-like creatures drop a decent amount of souls and can be taken down relatively easily.

    The Catacombs: The Skeleton enemies in the Catacombs might not grant as many souls individually, but they have a fast respawn rate. This makes them suitable for continuous farming if you're looking for a consistent stream of souls.

    Remember, soul farming can be time-consuming, so it's important to find the balance between farming and progressing through the game. Additionally, utilizing farming methods may be more effective with certain stats, equipment, or upgrades, so tailored your approach to suit your character's strengths and playstyle.

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