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    • Endwalker Leveling Guide 80-90 in FINAL FANTASY XIV
      Endwalker Leveling Guide 80-9…
      The level cap has increased to 90 in FINAL FANTASY XIV Endwalker, so players who want to keep exploring the game will have to level their jobs up to the max level.

      2021-12-23 PST

    • More Ways to Make Gil in FINAL FANTASY XIV Endwalker
      More Ways to Make Gil in FINA…
      Endwalker is the newest expansion in FINAL FANTASY XIV, and every start of new expansions is full of opportunities to make FFXIV Gil. I will share a few ways on how to make Gil in FF14.

      2021-12-14 PST

    • Early Endwalker Gil Making in FINAL FANTASY XIV
      Early Endwalker Gil Making in…
      Here is a guide about FINAL FANTASY XIV Gil making through gathering in early Endwalker for lucky players that have passed the queue and logged in. Dont worry for players who keep getting error 2002 be…

      2021-12-07 PST

    • FINAL FANTASY XIV Endwalker Preparation
      FINAL FANTASY XIV Endwalker P…
      There are only a few days left until Endwalker’s release in FINAL FANTASY XIV. For players who want to level up the new jobs fast can do some quick pre-work listed below.

      2021-12-01 PST

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