15 Best Weapons In The Demon's Souls Remake: Claymore

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    The Claymore is a classic sword that has been a fan favorite in the Demon's Souls series since the beginning. In the Demon's Souls Remake, the Claymore is back and better than ever, offering players a reliable and powerful weapon for their adventures.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Claymore:

    The Claymore is a versatile weapon that offers a balanced mix of power and speed. It has a long reach, making it ideal for taking on enemies from a distance. Additionally, its heavy attacks can deal significant damage to even the toughest foes.

    However, the Claymore is not without its drawbacks. It has a slower attack speed than some other weapons, making it less effective in close combat situations. Additionally, it requires a significant investment in strength and dexterity to use effectively, which may not be ideal for all players.

    Where to Get Claymore? How to Upgrade it?

    The Claymore can be found in world 1-3 or can be purchased from Blacksmith Boldwin in the Nexus. To upgrade the Claymore, players will need to use Hardstone or Sharpstone, depending on their preferred upgrade path. Additionally, players can infuse the Claymore with various stones to enhance its stats further.

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    In conclusion, the Claymore is one of the best weapons in the Demon's Souls Remake. Its balanced mix of power and speed make it a reliable choice for players looking for a versatile weapon. While it may not be ideal for all players, those who invest in the Claymore will be rewarded with a powerful and reliable sword that can take them far in the game.


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