15 Best Weapons In The Demon's Souls Remake: Large Sword Of Moonlight

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    The Large Sword Of Moonlight is a powerful weapon in the Demon's Souls Remake. It is a long sword that deals both physical and magical damage, making it a versatile choice for any player. The sword is known for its unique glowing blade that is said to be made of moonlight.

    Advantages and Disadvantages:

    The Large Sword Of Moonlight has many advantages, including its high damage output, long reach, and ability to deal both physical and magical damage. However, it does have some disadvantages, such as its slow swing speed and high stat requirements. Players should consider their playstyle and build before choosing to use this weapon.

    Where to Get and How to Upgrade:

    To obtain the Large Sword Of Moonlight, players must defeat the Old Hero boss in the underground temple of the Shrine of Storms. Once obtained, players can upgrade the sword using Colorless Demon's Souls and the assistance of Blacksmith Ed. We recommend farming for these materials at farmgolds.com, where you can buy souls and weapons at competitive prices.


    Overall, the Large Sword Of Moonlight is a fantastic weapon in the Demon's Souls Remake. Its unique design, high damage output, and versatility make it a popular choice among players. While it does have some drawbacks, it is definitely worth considering for those looking for a powerful and unique weapon. And don't forget to check out farmgolds.com for all your soul and weapon needs!


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