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    One of the many places where Dark Souls 3 shines is with its bosses. Looking past the difficulty they are usually known for, every boss is masterfully designed, from their attacks to their lore. Dark Souls 3 is no exception, offering its players some of the greatest (and toughest) boss fights in the entire series, each boss with its unique move set and patterns. Just as unique, however, are the boss souls you are rewarded for beating a boss. These boss souls can be consumed for a decent amount of souls or can be transposed for unique Boss Soul weapons in Dark Souls 3, each very distinct and often equipped with very cool attacks.


    This guide will cover what we believe to be the best boss soul weapons in Dark Souls 3. We hope you find this guide useful, for more Dark Souls, check out The Best Dark Souls 2 Boss Weapons and Dark Souls 3 Guts Builds.

    Dark Souls 3 Boss Soul Weapons 


    In Dark Souls 3, boss soul weapons are as unique as the bosses whose soul you transpose to acquire them. Boss Soul weapons often scale with multiple stats and have unique attacks and buffs, for example, the Dragonslayer Greataxe causes lightning damage. Each boss weapon in Dark Souls 3 has a very unique look to it too, looking different when put against the most basic and unique weapons in the game. They often stand out because of their alien looks. All Dark Souls 3 boss Soul weapons level up with titanate scale.

    Frayed Blade Boss Soul Weapons

    1/10 Frayed Blade


    The weapon acquired by beating Darkeater Midir, the toughest boss I personally have ever faced in a video game, had to make the cut. The Frayed blade is easily one of the best Dark Souls 3 boss weapons, and weapons in general,  in the game. This Katana has a very unique and quick moveset that deals a ton of damage and unique attacks that both deal a lot of damage and can be executed very quickly.

    The Frayed blade is acquired by transposing the soul of Darkeater Midir, an optional boss in the ringed city DLC. The Frayed Blade requires  Dexterity level of at least 40, making it the highest Dexterity weapon in the game.

    It has a quick combo of slashes and strike attacks. It has unique L2 and R1/R2 attacks. One is an overhead strike that unleashes a devastating shockwave, the L2=R2 attacks unleash a succession of very quick strikes that, if connected, deal a ton of damage and stagger.

    The Frayed Blade excels in both PvP and PvE. Its high damage, very quick moveset and unique attacks make it a great choice for either. For PvE, its fast attacks and low stamina consumption make it a great option for almost all encounters, from smaller ads to larger, more difficult enemy types.

    In PvP, the Frayed blade really shines. The unique L2+R2 attack can trap your enemy and cause an insane amount of damage. This is one of those weapons that will keep your opponents vary of your next move. The high Dexterity scaling and damage also mean that even the most basic R1 combo will be dealing very impressive amounts of damage. Overall, the Frayed Blade is one of the finest boss weapons in Dark Souls 3.

    Dark Souls 3 Hollowslayer Greatsword2/10 Hollowslayer Greatsword

    The Hollowslayer greatsword is one of the finest Quality weapons in all of Dark Souls 3 so it should be no surprise seeing it make this list. The Hollowslayer greatsword has a unique moveset and scales very well with Strength and Dexterity. It also bonus damage against hollow enemy types although this does not translate into PvP battles. Its relatively quick moveset and high damage make it one of the Best boss weapons in Dark Souls 3.


    The Hollowskayer greatsword is acquired by transposing the Curse Rotten Greatwood. It requires a Strength level of 14 and a Dexterity level of 18, although we recommend a Pure Quality build with at least 40/40 STR/DEX if you plan on using this weapon. The Hollowslayer greatsword cannot be buffed or infused. It has a unique moveset, different from those of other weapons in the same league but consists of similar attack types. It has a very powerful R2 thrust attack when dual wilded though.


    The Hollowslayer greatsword is a very well all-rounder in Dark Souls 3, excelling in both PvE and PvP. Its long length, high damage, and beginner-friendly learning curve. The Hollowslayer greatswords powerful R1 and R2 can be chained easily to yield very impressive results. It will get through small ads and bosses alike. Its hitting speed is balanced enough to never feel too slow despite the high damage.


    The Hollowslayer greatsword weapon will also make for a great PvP weapon for all the reasons I just mentioned. Its ease of use will be especially helpful for PvP encounters. Despite being a greatsword, it offers a lot of manoeuvrability, letting you deal high damage hits then rolling out in mere seconds. Hollowlsayer greatswords range will also help maintain distance while attacking during PvP. It is great both when wielded in one hand and double-handed. All in all, the Hollowslayer greatsword is one of the most powerful boss weapons in Dark Souls 3.

     Dark Souls 3 Dragonslayer Greataxe

    3/10 Dragonslayer Greataxe

    The Dragonslayer Greataxe is probably my favourite weapon in Dark Souls 3, probably because it helped me beat Darkeater Midir. This Greataxe is one of the best Strength weapons (it makes an appearance in our Best Strength Weapon list) in Dark Souls 3. Dragonslayer Greataxes very high Strength Scaling, powerful attacks, ability to critical and cause lightning damage and unique L2 make it one of the most powerful weapons in Dark Souls 3.


    The Dragonslayer is a Strength weapon, requiring at least 50 Strength. We recommend it for pure Strength builds only. You can acquire this greataxe by transposing the soul of Dragonslayer arm0ur. The Dragonslayer greataxe cannot be buffed or infused but does not need to be for it causes insane base damage and adds lightning damage on top of that. I recommend you dual wield this weapon for reaping the highest benefits. Its R1 and R2 attacks both deal tons of damage. It has a very powerful L2 called falling bolt that causes a very powerful overhead strike that leaves a lightning AOE attack.


    Despite my bias, I will not recommend the Dragonslayer greataxe for PvP. Even though it is an extremely powerful weapon, its slow attacks mean it is easy to predict and parry in PvP. Despite its high damage, it can be easily avoided and unless you have mastered it perfectly, your opponent will probably get the better of you. PvE, however, is a different ballgame altogether.


    The same slow but powerful attacks are devastating in PvE encounters, once you get comfortable with the Dragonslayer Greataxe, you will be breezing through all kinds of encounters in the game. From small enemies to bosses with massive health pools, the powerful attacks of the Dragonslayer greataxe will handle everything rather comfortably.


    All in all, if you are looking for a weapon to maximise damage output and brute force, look no further than the Dragonslayer greataxe. All in all, this is arguably the most powerful Dark Souls 3 boss weapon.

    4/10 Demon’s Scar

    Another weapon from the Ringed City DLC, the Demons scar is one of the most unique weapons in Dark Souls 3, both visually and with what it has to offer. Demons scar is one of the lightest weapons in the game and is a pyromancer weapon, scaling primarily with Faith and Intelligence.


    The Demons Scar requires a Dexterity level of 16 and Faith and Intelligence levels of 17 each. We recommend meeting the Dexterity requirement and getting Intelligence and Faith up to at least 40 each. Demons scar weapon deals fire damage exclusively and is a Pyromancer weapon (check out our Pyromancer Builds).


    It has quick R1 attacks that deal fire damage and its R2 casts Pyromancies. The Fire Clutch ring is also recommended for it buffs this weapon. It also has a spinning L2 attack that deals moderate damage. While it is not a very good sword by itself, Demons Scar ability to deal both melee damage and pyromancies make it an excellent weapon for Pyromancers, specifically melee Pyro hybrid builds.

    Dark Souls 3 Gundyr's Halberd

    5/10 Gundyr’s Halberd

    Gundyr’s Halberd is arguably the finest halberd in the game, and one of the best boss weapons in Dark Souls 3. This halberd, due to its high damage, insane length and unique moveset, is one of the best boss soul weapons in Dark Souls 3. Gundyr’s halberd also looks very expensive and goes well with extravagant armors, one of which happens to be the Gundyr armor itself (check out best heavy armour sets).

    You can acquire Gundyr’s halberd by transposing the soul of Champion Gundyr. It requires a base strength level of at least 30 and a base Dexterity level of at least 15, making it an excellent option for both Strength and Quality builds. Gundyr’s halberd cannot be buffed or infused. It has a moveset consisting of slashes and strikes, which can be devastating due to its long length. Gundyr’s halberd also has a unique spinning attack that can be very useful when facing multiple enemies at once or to overwhelm your PvP opponent. While a good option used in one hand, halberds are best utilized double wielded.

    Since it is a halberd, it is a great option for both PvE and PvP. Its high length coupled with its high damage and moveset make it excel in all sorts of encounters. Gundyr halberd’s length is especially useful for PvP.

    Since it has a relatively quick attack time, you can easily go in and out for an attack during PvP. For PvE, its slashes will cover multiple enemies and help you clear hordes with relative ease. Its high damage and fast R2 will be extra useful against bosses and mini bosses. All of this makes Gundyr’s halberd one of the best boss weapons in Dark Souls 3.

    Dark Souls 3 Boss soul weapons

    6/10 Vordt’s Greathammer

    Vordt’s greathammer is the strongest early game weapon in Dark Souls 3, and one of the strongest weapons overall. Vordt’s greathammer is also a great weapon for people wanting to get into Strength Builds or for people wanting to learn heavy, slow hitting Strength weapons. It has a very powerful moveset consisting of slam attacks and strike attacks and it causes frostbite very easily, often with two or three hits.

    You can acquire Vordt’s greathammer weapon by transposing the soul of Vordt of the Borreal Valley, the second boss in Dark Souls 3. This hammer scales heavily with strength and requires a strong level of at least 30. Alongside its powerful moveset and ability to cost frostbite, it has a unique L2 powerup called perseverance. Perseverance greatly buffs damage and grants some poise for a few seconds. At +5 and with a strength level of 50, Vordt’s greathammer is one of the highest damaging weapons in the game, making it a no brainer for Strength builds.

    Due to its extremely high damage output and frostbite, its a great option for all PvE and PvP encounters. I would recommend this solely as a PvE weapon though purely because of the high number of better PvP alternatives available.

    It also has a learning curve especially because its one of the first slow hitting Strength weapons in the game, and unless you master its moveset, it will be lacking in PvP.

    For PvE, however, Vordt’s greathammer is one of the best boss weapons in Dark Souls 3. Its high damage means you will be one-shotting most ads and getting through bigger enemies will relative ease too. As a whole, this great hammer is one of the finest boss souls weapons in Dark Souls 3 and a must-try for anyone considering/running a strength build in Dark Souls 3.

    Dark Souls 3 Boss soul Weapons

    7/10 Lorian’s Greatsword

    Lroain’s Greatsword is one of those weapons I looked forward to ever since I started playing Dark Souls 3, so obviously, this comes here with a little bias from my end. Despite that bias, however, Lorian’s greatsword is an exceptional ultra greatsword and despite some better alternatives, it is certainly the greatest boss weapons in Dark Souls 3. Not only does it look very cool, it performs as well as it looks, if not better. Lorians greatsword also has a great moveset and does tons of damage.

    You will have to transpose the Twins Princes’ soul to acquire this weapon. This ultra greatsword can not be buffed or infused. It has a move set consisting of strikes and powerful thrust attacks. To use Lorian’s greatsword, you need a strength level of at least 26 and a dexterity level of at least 10. It scales primarily with the strength along with minor scaling for dexterity, faith and intelligence. It primarily deals with physical damage alongside fire damage.

    Lorian’s greatsword is a great option for Pure strength, strength pyro and quality builds. Its raw damage combined with the added fire damage make it a very strong weapon for all sorts of encounters in Dark Souls 3. It also has an L2 buff that adds fire damage and causes fire aoes and outbursts with every attack.

    Due to its many advantages, Lorian’s greatsword excels at both PvE and PvP. Its very strong moveset, coupled with its ability to cause fire damage, L2 buff and scaling make it a great all-rounder in the game.

    Lorian’s greatsword is one of those weapons where the looks alone go a long way. Its high damage output, coupled with hitting speeds quicker than other weapons in the same category make it an exceptional choice for playing through the game with PvP battles mixed in. There is no kind of encounter where Lorian’s greatsword falls short. Throw anything at it, it will almost certainly excel.

    Are boss soul weapons better than other weapons?

    If your favourite weapon in the game happens to be a boss sou weapon then sure. Otherwise, nope. All kinds of weapons excel in Dark Souls 3. It really just comes down to personal preference. For example, the Greatsword, the Fume Ultra Greatsword and Lorian’s greatsword can all be considered the greatest Ultra Greatsword in the game. Yes, boss weapons often do have unique abilities and some sort of elemental damage but that can only go so far. It all comes down to max damage in the end. For more on weapons, check out our best Dark Souls 3 Strength Weapons list.

    Why can’t boss soul weapons be infused or buffed?

    This mostly comes down to the fact that boss soul weapons often have some sort of elemental ability or unique stat requirements with them. For example, the Dragonslayer greataxe cannot be buffed for it comes equipped with added lightning damage. These weapons cannot be infused for they are deeply tied to the lore. Making an iconic weapon that has lore connections to its intelligence scaling infusible ruins the purpose and takes away from its lore value.

    Do Boss Soul Weapons make the game easier?

    They do not. Yes, Boss Soul weapons are unique and its easy to believe the weapon you get after beating a very tough boss is bound to be substantially better than all other weapons, but nope, all good weapons are equally effective in the game. In fact, if you move to a boss soul weapon with a unique weapon art and learning curve from basic weapon, it might make the game harder for a while.







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