Best Training Gear to Wear in ESO

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    Wearing Training gear can increase your XP gained from kills, making it essential for people farming XP in The Elder Scrolls Online. What kind of gear can help grind XP efficiently in ESO? Where to farm XP? You will find answers in Jakeclips's guide.

    Best Gear to Wear for XP Farming

    Best Training Gear to Wear in ESO - Heartland Conqueror and Twice-Born Star


    Heartland Conqueror

    When wearing five pieces of the Heartland Conqueror set, the power of Traits on a player's weapons is doubled, making it a great set to get a good amount of XP, especially for a low-level character. 


    As for the gear quality, if you are a CP-160 character, it's worth upgrading your weapon to gold-quality. But for a character below CP-160, it is recommended to use purple quality because purple materials are cheap and easy to get. 


    Twice-Born Star

    Twice-Born Star is a helpful set for players who are doing low-level Battlegrounds, Dungeons, etc. In ESO, Mundus Stone effects don't stack, but the fifth piece bonus of the Twice-Born Star allows you to have two Mundus Stone boons simultaneously, which makes this set another good gear for XP farming.


    Which Mundus Stones to Choose

    There are 13 Mundus Stones in ESO, and each provides a small bonus in a different stat ranging from Max Magicka to increasing the damage from Critical hits. If you are a Stamina character, you can choose:


    •    The Warrior: Increases Weapon Damage

    •    The Tower: Increased Maximum Stamina


    If you have a Magicka character, you can choose:


    •    The Apprentice: Increases Spell Power

    •    The Mage: Increases Maximum Magicka


    Oakensoul Ring

    Oakensoul Ring is currently one of the best Mythic items in ESO. You can get a lot of Major and Minor buffs from this ring, as long as you don't need a bar-swap. Oakensoul Ring makes it possible for you to do nearly any content of the game, even on a character wearing Training gear. Therefore, this ring is another item you should consider using.

    Best Training Gear to Wear in ESO - Oakensoul Ring


    Mora's Whispers

    Mora's Whispers is a shoulder piece that gives you an XP buff and other buffs based on how many of Shalidor's Library books you have on that character.


    Ring of Mara

    You will get a Ring of Mara after you get married in ESO. Wearing this ring grants you a 10% bonus XP anytime you and your partner are grouped together. The distance between you and your partner does not affect the XP boost, so you don't have to play with your partner constantly.


    Ring of the Wild Hunt

    Ring of the Wild Hunt with the Swift Trait is another popular Mythic item. The ring increases your movement speed, and being able to run fast is helpful for XP grinding in ESO.


    Best Consumables for XP Farming in ESO

    While leveling up in ESO, don't forget to use a Psijic Ambrosia. When you drink a Psijic Ambrosia, your character will receive an additional 50% XP from all sources for 30 minutes. Just like other drinks, this potion can be crafted with Provisioning.

    Best Training Gear to Wear in ESO - Psijic Ambrosia

    Where to Farm XP Fast

    For new players, the best ways to farm XP will be:


    1. Alik'r Dolman Farms (type LFDG in the zone for a group)

    2. Zombie Farm in Alik'r

    3. Blackrose Prison Round 2 Farm

    4. Farm XP in Skyreach 

    5. Dailies such as daily Writs, daily Battlegrounds, and daily Dungeons


    Those are the best gear and items for leveling in ESO. If you like Jakeclips's content, please subscribe to his channel. You will also find many tips and tricks about The Elder Scrolls Online from farmgold's news page.


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