Gold Farming Guide: Best Way to Make Money | New World

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    Gold Farming Guide: Best Way to Make Money | New World



    This is a guide on how to farm Gold (Coins) quickly in New World! Read on to learn the best gold farming method, including various ways on how you can earn gold in general.

    List of Contents

    · Best Gold Farming Method

    · Early-Game Gold Farming

    · Late-Game Gold Farming

    · How to Get Gold (Coins)

    Best Gold Farming Method


    Selling items in the Trading Post is the fastest way to earn Coin, since doing Town Project quests can take too much time and give too few rewards.

    Early-Game Gold Farming

    You can still make a quick buck even in the early game. Simply gather and sell all the raw materials and resources people need to craft other things.



    Light RationsTravel Rations, and Weak Health Potions are easy to make and are vital sources of health for every player.

    Increasing your Cooking and Arcana trade skills will yield higher quality items.



    Fiber is an extremely useful material that spawns very quickly and can be harvested from Hemp.

    Increasing your Harvesting trade skill will yield higher quality items.


    Stone is easy to find and mine in large quantities. Stone is useful for upgrading Settlements.

    Increasing your Mining trade skill will yield higher quality items.



    Wood can be gathered from bushes and trees anywhere on the map. Wood is a vital resource for several Crafting Stations.

    Increasing your Logging trade skill will yield higher quality items.



    Iron and Silver Ores are valuable crafting materials and can fetch for a hefty price in the early game.

    Increasing your Mining trade skill will yield higher quality items.

    Fish Oilimage.png

    Fish Oil is used to create Cooking Oil, which is useful for Cooking. You get Fish Oil by salvaging fish that you've fished yourself.

    Late-Game Gold Farming

    If you take the time to level up your Trade Skills, you will be able to gather and craft higher quality items that will sell for a lot more Coin.



    StrongPowerful, and Infused Health and Mana Potions are higher-tier Potions that sell for a lot.

    Increasing your Arcana trade skill will yield higher quality items.



    These are necessary equipments that increase your carry load and are usually heavy in demand.

    Increasing your Armoring trade skill will yield higher quality items.



    Arrows and Bullets are needed by all Bow and Musket users.

    Increasing your Engineering trade skill will yield higher quality items.



    RingsEarrings, and Amulets are useful for boosting certain stats and are usually sought after.

    Increasing your Jewelcrafting trade skill will yield higher quality items.

    It's also a good idea to look at what's on offer in the Trading Post and see if there are any empty markets you can take advantage of.

    How to Use the Trading Post

    How to Get Gold (Coins)

    Sell Items in the Trading Post


    In your travels, you will come across many items that can be sold in the Trading Post. In New World, you cannot sell your items to NPC vendors.

    Sell Your Old Equipment

    You can either Salvage your old equipment and turn them into raw materials, or you can sell them in the Trading Post for a little extra Coins.

    Sell Gathered Resources

    Easy items to sell consist of Resources that you can gather in the wild, such as WoodFlint, and Stone. The higher in level you go, the better quality resources you can gather.

    Sell Crafted Items

    You can also sell the items you create via Crafting, such as different WeaponsArmorsConsumables, and Ammunition.

    Directly Trade With Other Players


    Trading with other players directly through New World's Trading System is another way to earn money! Unlike transactions from the Trading Post, direct trades aren't regulated by taxes. This gives you full control on the selling price of your item and may lead to better profits if you find the right buyers!

    Complete Quests, Town Projects, and Faction Missions


    Main Story quests and Side Stories are a good way to earn money early-game, as they reward you with the exp, equipment, gold, and Azoth needed to move around the map easier.

    Town Project missions, which are accessible from the Town Project Board, are also a reliable source of income, as these quests never run out.

    List of Quests

    Faction Missions


    Faction Missions are quests that you acquire from your faction vendor in Settlements across Aeternum. They reward you with a humble amount of gold, on top of faction tokensterritory standing, and faction reputation!

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