Best Ways to Get A Golden Party Hat Fast in RuneScape

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    The hunt for Golden Party Hats has been going on for a while, and some players are still working towards finding enough shards to create their Party Hats. In this guide, Silenced helps you out by going over some of the fastest and best ways to get the Golden Party Hat shards in RuneScape 3.


    The Golden Party Hat can be made by collecting eight of the possible 11 obtainable Shards in the game, and you must be a member to partake in this event. There are some free shards that you can obtain.

    You will get one shard for free by talking to the Wise Old Man outside the Grand Exchange. Another four shards can be obtained quickly by:


    •    Buying Premier Club Membership

    •    Paying 30M gp in RS3 to shady salesman behind the Grand Exchange

    •    Completing tier 15 of the Wintumber Aurora Yak Track

    •    Completing all four parts of the Once Upon a Time quest


    The shards above are pretty straightforward to obtain. However, getting the other shards involves Skilling, Bossing, and Clue hunting.


    There are a few exceptions and things that you should note:

    1. There is an element of randomness to collect shards, but they have "bad-luck" protection. As you continue to train a skill, kill a Boss, or complete Clue Scrolls, the likelihood of getting a shard grows exponentially. The "bad luck" protection is bound to each task, meaning your chance of getting a shard from one task can be higher than another, depending on how many times you have failed to get it. 


    2. Protean items will work for the Gathering and Artisan tasks. 


    3. The shard from Treasure Trails has a chance to be awarded when a casket is received at the end of a trail, and a higher clue difficulty has a higher chance of rewarding a shard.


    4. When you obtain a shard, but your inventory is full, the shard will go straight to your Bank. 


    5. You can't obtain shards from using elite training dummies and gaining experience through Herbicide, Seedicide, and Silverhawk boots, which means you won't want to use any of these if you are hunting for shards.


    6. Training at a Clan Citadel does not count either.


    Combat Skills


    K'ril Tsutsaroth

    The first method I highly recommend is fighting K'ril Tsutsaroth. This Boss potentially gives you up to three shards at once, so you have a chance at getting the Combat shard and the Boss shard because you will get Combat XP and Marks of War. But if you happen to get a Demon or a Greater Demon Slayer task, you would get the Support shard as well.


    To fight K'ril Tsutsaroth, the most important items to use are Attuned Ectoplasmator and Demon Horn Necklace.


    The Attuned Ectoplasmator allows you to automatically scatter the ashes that are dropped upon killing either K'ril or its minions. With the Demon Horn Necklace, you will restore some prayer points once the ashes are scattered.


    You will get Prayer XP by doing K'ril Tsutsaroth. While it was announced that you couldn't get a shard from Herbicide, Seedicide, and Silverhawk boots, the Jagex didn't mention the Ectoplasmator, so you could get a shard from training Prayer by this way, meaning the Combat shard should come faster with this method.


    Abyssal Demons

    Another option is Abyssal Demons. These creatures drop ashes too, and I highly recommend using Attuned Ectoplasmator and Demon Horn Necklace again because they give you an extra chance at getting the Combat shard. 


    You should be able to kill 1,500-2,000 Abyssal Demons per hour, which will give you a lot of chances to get the Combat shard, especially if you are getting Prayer XP for every kill.


    If you get a Slayer contract from Markus at the bottom of the Slayer Tower, you will get a bit of Slayer XP for each kill you get on the Abyssal Demons. That means you should also have a possibility of getting the Support shard.



    Gathering Skills

    There isn't an excellent method like the two ones for Combat shards. However, there are still a few good ones.


    Woodcutting with Always Adze Relic

    Once activated, the Always Adze Relic gives you a 100% chance to create a fire when you are chopping a log, giving you Firemaking XP, so you will get the Gathering shard and the Artisan shard by this way. 


    The following two methods are more AFK methods for gathering the shard:


    Fishing at the Prifddinas Waterfall 

    Fishing at the Prifddinas Waterfall is a good AFK method because the fishing location does not move. 


    Mining at the Corrupted Seren Stones

    You can also train Mining at the Corrupted Seren Stones for another AFK chance to get the Gathering shard.


    Artisan Skills

    Aside from using Always Adze Relic to get the Artisan shard, you could also use a few different methods for this shard:


    Protean Logs

    First, I highly recommend using Protean Logs. Since using Protean items give you a chance to get the Golden Party Hat shard, training Firemaking through Protean Logs is an excellent option. It is AFK, and you only need to make sure that you do not log out. 


    Harmonium Harps

    If you want to save your Proteans, another AFK method is training with Harmonium Harps in Prifddinas for Crafting XP. You will also get some Construction XP for tuning a harp.


    Support Skills


    Elite Dungeon 2 or K'ril Tsutsaroth

    If you haven't got the Combat shard, doing Slayer would be an excellent choice, especially if you can get a task that can be done through a Boss. Some popular Slayer tasks that allow you to fight a Boss would be dragons or demons, so you can do Elite Dungeon 2 or fight the K'ril Tsutsaroth.


    Safe Cracking

    The fastest way to get the Support shard is Safe Cracking because getting these shards is based on a tick system rather than the amount of XP you gain.


    Elite Dungeons

    Another way is through Elite Dungeons. As I said, if you have that Dragon Slayer task, it would make it even better. But just going through Elite Dungeons gives you some Dungeoneering XP, which gives you a chance to gain the Support shard as well. You would also get Combat shard and Boss shard with this method.


    Manual Auto-cycles

    If you are looking for some AFK methods for Support shard, the best option is the Manual Auto-cycles located in The Empty Throne Room. They will give you AFK Agility XP, and the only thing you need to watch out for is logging out every five minutes.


    Clue Scrolls

    As for the Clue Scrolls, I recommend doing whichever tier Clue you are most comfortable with. You have a higher chance of obtaining a shard through harder Clues, but doing the harder Clues takes longer, so I recommend doing the Clues that you enjoy the most.





    K'ril Tsutsaroth and Elite Dungeons

    For the Boss shard, K'ril Tsutsaroth and Elite Dungeons would be excellent options, but, again, you can do whichever Boss you enjoy the most.


    I recommend AFKing K'ril Tsutsaroth because it gives you a chance to get Combat shard, and you would also potentially get the Support shard with a Slayer task. However, you can do some more active Bosses, and if you enjoy Bossing and do it frequently, you shouldn't worry about getting this shard. 



    I would also like to mention that the Arch-Glacor is another good option, especially if you only have the Flurry attack activated. In this way, you can fully AFK this Boss, allowing you to get the Boss shard easily.


    Those are the fastest and best methods to get shards for a Golden Party Hat in RuneScape 3. We wish you good luck in completing the Party Hat. If you like Silenced's guide, don't forget to subscribe to his channel for more content in the future. Please also bookmark our news page for more RuneScape tips and tricks.


    The Golden Party Hat Hunt will run through January 3, 2022, and these Hats are limited to one per player. That means if you miss this opportunity, you might have to buy this tradeable rare item from other players with millions of gold pieces.


    If you choose to skip the grind, buying cheap gold for RS3 from a reliable MMO gold supplier is a good way to get the Party Hat with no effort. 


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