Best Weapons in Lies of P for Beginners

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    Are you new to the game Lies of P and looking for the best weapons to start your journey? In this guide, we will discuss five powerful weapons that can give you an edge in battles. Each weapon comes with unique special features and can be acquired from various locations. Whether you prefer close combat or long-range attacks, we have got you covered. So, let's dive in and explore the world of Lies of P!

    5 Best Weapons in Lies of P


    1. Puppet Saber:

      • Special Features: This versatile sword allows you to control the movements of your enemies.

      • Location: Found in the Forbidden Forest, guarded by the Forest Guardian.

      • How to Obtain: Defeat the Forest Guardian and claim the Puppet Saber as your own.

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    2. Electric Coil Stick:

      • Special Features: Harness the power of electricity with this staff, delivering stunning shockwaves to your foes.

      • Location: Available for purchase at the Lightning Emporium in the city of Thundera.

      • How to Obtain: Visit the Lightning Emporium and exchange gold for the Electric Coil Stick.

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    3. .Booster Glaive:

      • Special Features: This glaive enhances your agility and speed, allowing you to perform swift and deadly strikes.

      • Location: Obtainable by completing the Trial of the Ancients quest in the Temple of Valor.

      • How to Obtain: Complete the challenging trials and claim the Booster Glaive as your reward.

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    4. Salamander Dagger:

      • Special Features: Infused with the fiery essence of the Salamander, this dagger deals burning damage over time.

      • Location: Dropped by Salamander Elders in the Molten Caverns.

      • How to Obtain: Defeat Salamander Elders until they drop the Salamander Dagger.

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    5. Holy Sword of the Ark:

      • Special Features: This legendary sword possesses divine powers that can smite any evil in its path.

      • Location: Located deep within the Shrine of the Ancients, guarded by the Ancient Guardian.

      • How to Obtain: Overcome the trials of the Shrine and prove yourself worthy of wielding the Holy Sword of the Ark.

    Remember, mastering these weapons requires practice and skill. So, take your time to familiarize yourself with their unique abilities and unleash their full potential on your enemies.

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    In this guide, we have explored the best weapons for beginners in Lies of P. From the versatile Puppet Saber to the divine Holy Sword of the Ark, each weapon offers a different playstyle and strategic advantage. Remember to choose the weapon that suits your preferences and embark on an epic adventure in the world of Lies of P.


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