Complete Mining Guide for New World

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    Last Updated: September 26th 2021 for the Open Beta


    Introduction to Mining in New World

    Different Types of Mining Nodes and Resources

    Where to find Mining Nodes

    How to level Mining 

    Enhancing your Mining 

    Mining Luck and You

    Mining Experience Table


    Introduction to Mining in New World

    Mining is a gathering Trade Skill in New World that allows players to gather raw gems, ores, and precious metals from mining nodes that will be used in crafting Trade Skills; Armorsmithing, Engineering, Arcana, Cooking, and Furnishing. It will also be used in the Smelting and Stonecutting refining Trade Skills.


    When first starting out you will need a Flint Mining Pickaxe to start mining nodes. This requires Engineering level 0 along with 1 Flint and 1 Green Wood to craft it. You are able to pick up both the Flint and Green Wood without the need of a gathering tool by walking up to the respective bush/flint and pressing your interact key. (Default “E) Once you obtain a Tier 1 Camp Fire or Workshop is required to craft the Flint Mining Pickaxe. Once crafted you will need to equip it and you can start gathering!





    Higher character levels are able to use better tiers of Mining Pickaxes:

    · Tier 2 Iron Mining Pickaxe Level Range [4-19]

    Gathering Speeds [125-225]%

    · Tier 3 Steel Mining Pickaxe Level Range [16-39]

    Gathering Speeds [240-350]%

    · Tier 4 Starmetal Mining Pickaxe Level Range [33-59]

    Gathering Speeds [370-550]%

    · Tier 5 Orichalcum Mining Pickaxe Level Range [51-60]

    Gathering Speeds [560-850]%


    It is advised to use the highest tier possible followed by the best gear score possible to best increase your gathering speed. 


    Please note that the minimum level required tools require a knowledgeable crafter and one that hasn’t out-leveled the ability to craft low level tools. A crafter’s minimum gear score will increase with level. Check out the Engineering Crafting Guide (coming soon) for more information about this.


    Different Types of Mining Nodes 

    Here is a list of all the Mining nodes based on type, what they have to offer for gathering them, and when you are able to track them.  

    · Stones/Boulders(0): Stone, Sliver of Adamant, and Sliver of Adderstone

    · Saltpeter(0): Saltpeter

    · Iron Vein(0): Iron Ore, Small Quartz Crystal, Fae Iron, Voidmetal, Sliver of Cobalt, Shard of Cobalt, Chunk of Cobalt, Sliver of Crystal, Shard of Crystal, Chunk of Crystal, T2 Gems, T3 Gems, T4 Gems, and T5 Gems 

    · Silver Vein(10): Silver Ore, Small Quartz Crystal, T2 Gems, T3 Gems, T4 Gems, and T5 Gems 

    · Seeping Stone(20): Oil

    · Gold Vein(45):Gold Ore, Small Quartz Crystal, T3 Gems, T4 Gems, and T5 Gems

    · Alchemy Stones(50): Elemental Mote, Elemental Lodestone, and Crafting Mods (See Infographic below)

    · Starmetal Vein(100): Starmetal Ore, Small Quartz Crystal, Azurite Chunk , Sliver of Cobalt, Shard of Cobalt, Chunk of Cobalt, Sliver of Crystal, Shard of Crystal, Chunk of Crystal, T3 Gems, T4 Gems, and T5 Gems 

    · Elemental Creatures(100): Starmetal Ore and Water Quintessence

    · Platinum Vein(110): Platinum Ore, Small Quartz Crystal, T4 Gems, and T5 Gems

    · Orichalcum Vein(175): Orichalcum Ore, Small Quartz Crystal, Sliver of Cobalt, Shard of Cobalt, Chunk of Cobalt, Sliver of Crystal, Shard of Crystal, Chunk of Crystal, T4 Gems, T5 Gems, Void Ore, Cinnabar, and Tolvium

    List of currently known creatures that can be gathered with Mining:

    · Mountain Elemental: Found in Edengrove, Weaver’s Fen, and Reekwater

    · Tundra Elemental: Found in Edengrove, Brightwood, and Ebonscale Reach







    Where to find Mining Nodes

    There are no zone specific restrictions like Harvesting, so you are able to find everything without having to worry about being in the wrong zone. 


    The best farming path is one that you create using the interactive map as every server is going to differ for how busy these nodes will be. You can also tune in Thursday 2pm-4pm PT to the New World Trade Skill Show and ask in chat for possible routes. I'm always willing to share my personal routes with my viewers.


    How to level Mining

    The information contained in this section will assist you in leveling your Mining Trade Skill. I will not be providing “optimal paths” because if everyone starts using them it would no longer be the optimal path now would it? 


    The general rule of thumb is to try and mine the highest Tier nodes you have access to. It takes a total of 435,280 experience to reach level 200.


    Level 1 to 50:

    In order to reach level 50 you will need a total of 13,873 experience. The best way to reach 50 is mining Iron and Silver. You will need to mine ~85 Silver/Iron nodes. The average for the Iron/Silver nodes is 6.7XP/second.


    Level 50 to 100:

    To reach level 100 you will need a total of 76,551 experience which is 62,678 more experience from level 50. The strategy is basically the same, however you start to mix in Alchemy Stones into your gather rotation. You will need to mine ~375-400 Silver/Iron/Alchemy nodes. The average for Alchemy Stones is 7.9XP/second. 


    Level 100 to 150:

    To reach level 150 you will need a total of 217,509 experience, which is 154,831 more experience from level 100. You now have access to Starmetal, but the base experience rate for this is 4.3XP/second. A 550% gathering speed increase is ~77.5% faster gathering rate, which changes the Starmetal to ~19XP/second; however this also increases Iron/Silver to 30XP/second. 


    No change from the 50 to 100 leveling method. Stay the Iron/Silver course if you are trying to increase your level. You will need to mine ~925-980 Silver/Iron/Alchemy nodes.


    Level 150 to 200:

    To reach level 200 you will need a total of 435,280 experience, which is 217,771 more experience from level 150. So level 150 is basically half way to level 200! At this point, the best way to reach 200 is to gather Orichalcum as they provide a base average of ~9.2XP/second and 41XP/second at 550% gathering speed. You will need to mine ~

    210 Orichalcum nodes.


    Additional Assistance:

    There is an experience perk that you will want to seek out on your pickaxe called Prospector's Discipline. This perk increases your Mining experience [3-9.4]% based on the gear score value of the Mining Pickaxe. The perk is limited to only Mining Pickaxe. Having this perk is a must if you are trying to power level Mining, but at level 200 it is useless. 


    Strength 300 points is ideal while leveling. See the Enhancing your Mining section for more information about the buffs this gives. 


    TRAPS: There are things in the game that may seem like they will help you level, but will not. Territory XP Gain bonus is one of these things. That buff does not apply to trade skills. Luck doesn’t affect your experience rates. Finding uncommon, rare, or legendary items while gathering doesn’t change the amount of experience you earn. Yield is the same as luck. Earning more of an item doesn’t increase the amount of experience you earn. 


    Below is a chart showing the Mining nodes, their size, how long it takes to gather them in seconds, experience and ratio of experience to time. 


    Enhancing your Mining

    Buffs and perks are the 2 main ways to enhance your Mining. Both have ways to stack them, but with all good things there are limitations.


    Perks are limited to item type and only being able to have 1 type of perk on the item. For example, an amulet can’t have Reinforced Mining Luck because it is an Armor Perk, but it can have 1 instance of Adored Mining Luck since it is an Amulet Perk. There are always exceptions to rule; sometimes a quest item will give a named item that comes with a double perk, however none currently exist for Mining that we know of at this time. 


    Buffs can stack if they come from different sources. For example I can stack yield increase buff from a Proficiency potion and territory control. If you attempt to stack buffs from the same source it will just refresh your buff timer. 


    There is a Miner armor set that is ideal for players to use while Mining as it should always come with Strength and Reinforced Mining Luck. Players encounter these items around level 19+ monsters as a rare drop and supply chests. This set is only set up for Tier 3/4/5 which is why players will not encounter them in early game. 

    Side Note: Miner Hat (T3/T4) | Miner Goggles(T5) - Different naming for Tier 5 version.


    Each Perk has a related Crafting Mod that can be used in crafting to guarantee the perk in crafting and has been listed within Perk in the chance that you may want some armor crafted with the given perk. 




    · Reinforced Mining Luck *[2-5]% Mining Luck (Mod: Shard of Adderstone)


    · Adored Mining Luck *[2-9.5]% Mining Luck (Mod: Chunk of Cobalt)


    · Mining Luck *[2-9.3]% Mining Luck (Mod: Starmetal Miner's Charm)

    · Mining Yield *[10-19]% Mining Yield (Mod: Orichalcum Miners Charm)

    · Prospector's Discipline *[3-9.4]% Mining Experience (Mod: Steel Miner's Charm)

    · Azoth Extraction *[30-78]% chance to gain 1 Azoth after gathering a node (Mod: Drop of Azoth Oil)

    · Durable *[25-75]% Durability (Mod: Sliver of Adamant)

    · Gathering Alacrity After gathering a node gain 3 seconds of 50% haste (Mod: Small Elk Hoof)


    · Prospector's Burden Reduces the weight of ores, ingots, and Mining pickaxes by *[5-10]% (Mod: Sliver of Cobalt)

    · Extra Pockets You can hold *[50-95] more weight (Mod: Sliver of Adderstone)


    *Range Values are determined by the item’s Gear Score. The higher the gear score the better the bonus towards that range value. 




    · Weak Proficiency Booster Increase gathering yield by 5% for 10 minutes

    · Common Proficiency Booster Increase gathering yield by 7% for 15 minutes

    · Strong Proficiency Booster Increase gathering yield by 10% for 20 minutes

    · Powerful Proficiency Booster Increase gathering yield by 15% for 30 minutes


    · Roasted Potatoes Increase Mining Luck by 1000 points for 20 minutes

    · Herb-roasted Potatoes Increase Mining Luck by 1400 points for 25 minutes

    · Boiled Potatoes Increase Mining Luck by 1700 points for 30 minutes

    · Poultry with Roasted Potatoes Increase Mining Luck by 1900 points for 35 minutes

    · Salted Roasted Vegetables Increase Mining Luck by 2000 points for 40 minutes


    · Minor Mining Gathering Trophy Increase Mining Luck by 500 points

    · Basic Mining Gathering Trophy Increase Mining Luck by 1000 points

    · Major Mining Gathering Trophy Increase Mining Luck by 1500 points

    Strength Bonus

    · 50 Points +10% Mining Speed

    · 100 Points +20 encumbrance

    · 150 Points -10% weight reduction for Mining items

    · 200 Points +10% Mining Speed

    · 250 Points +10% yield when Mining

    · 300 Points +25% chance to chop a tree down in a single swing

    Mining Level

    · Mining Luck Mining Level * 10 = Mining Luck Points

    · Gathering Speed +5% until level 20 and then +0.3% there after

    Territory Buffs:

    · Windsward Fortress +5% Yield while gathering

    · Territory Control +10% Yield while gathering

    · Prospector's Spirit +20% Yield while Mining for 3 days. (Settlement Quality of Life Buff)

    · Territory Bonus [5-37]% Gathering Speed - Varies based on how many  points. Bonus decays at 86.5% per point


    BiS Mining character:

    · Miner Goggles GS 600 | 25 Str & 5% Luck

    · Miner Shirt GS 600 | 25 Str & 5% Luck

    · Miner Gloves GS 600 | 25 Str & 5% Luck

    · Miner Pants GS 600 | 25 Str & 5% Luck

    · Miner Shoes GS 600 | 25 Str & 5% Luck

    · Platinum Amulet GS 600 | 25 Str & 9.5%  Luck

    · Orichalcum Mining Pickaxe GS 600 | 850% Gathering Speed, 9.3% Luck, 19% Yield, and 78% chance of 1 Azoth after gathering

    · 3x Infused Leather Bag 600 GS | Combined Total of 30% weight reduction on ore, ingot, and Mining Pickaxes and 1365 encumbrance

    · Level 200 +2000 luck points and 154% Gathering Speed bonus


    BiS Total Stats (While Fully Buffed):

    · 150 Strength from Gear

    · 43.8% Mining Luck

    · 8500 Mining Luck Points*

    · 79% Increased Yield

    · 1041 % Mining Speed

    · 25% chance to instantly mine a node in a swing

    · 1365 additional encumbrance

    · 30% weight reduction on ore, ingots, and Mining Pickaxes**

    · 10% weight reduction on mined items


    *Separated luck values so players can see them. More information in the next section.

    ** Mining Pickaxe reduction only works on Mining Pickaxes in your inventory since equipped items don’t count towards your encumbrance weight.


    Mining Luck and You

    The first thing I must explain is that 1,000 luck points equals 1% luck with Mining. The same can be said the other way; 1% Mining luck is equal to 1,000 luck points. This conversion works with Mining because all the loot tables used are 100,000 roll loot tables. In other cases a 100k loot table may not be used, making that conversion incorrect.


    With this conversion in mind, the BiS Mining Luck turns out to be 52.3% fully buffed or 52,300 Mining Luck points. 


    The reason Luck is important for Mining is because it will increase the odds of you obtaining a rare Mining item and an increase to items gathered. There are some thresholds that must be reached in order to obtain the rare items. These thresholds can be obtained by just level Mining, but can be reached sooner with the help of the resources talked about not too long ago. 



    · +1,000 Points / 1.00% Ability to gather Tier 2 & 3 rare mineral materials.

    · +1,450 Points / 1.45% Ability to gather Tier 4 rare mineral materials.

    · +1,800 Points / 1.80% Ability to gather Tier 5 rare mineral materials.


    It is important to note that even though these are the thresholds to start seeing these items, it doesn’t mean your chances of seeing them are very high. At level 200 without any luck, your chance of obtaining a Tolvium is ~0.2%, but when fully buffed with BiS, your chance is ~33% from Orichalcum nodes. 


    There is only 1 loot table for mining in which you can gain 99 extra Orichalcum Ore and that is from an Orichalcum Spire with a roll of 100,100 or higher. 


    Mining Experience Table

    A basic breakdown of the Mining Experience table.

    Character XP is the amount of experience your character earns when your Mining level increases.






    Last but not least

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