D2R Items Drop from Chaos Sanctuary

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    This time we will share ELDRXTCH's experiences for farming D2R Items. He runs on his Wind Druid to farm lots of items in P1 difficulty. Watch this video below, then let's see how many loots he can get.



    Unique Items

    Titan's Revenge, which is a weapon, has added bonus that includes high Life Steal and above-average Enhanced Damage.


    Life Steal is like taking life from the enemy in a way. When players hit the opponent, they can turn a certain percentage of their opponent's physical damage to their own lives.

    With the Enhanced Damage property, players can expand double or triple the damage.


    Spirit Keeper is a rare helm for druids, which has many attributes and can potentially give the highest overall bonus to resistances. For example, it can support Fire Resist +30-40%.


    It can't be seen very often, so ELDRXTCH was very happy to find it.


    Ghostflame is an interesting item that gives extra magic damage.


    Boneflame has many bonuses. It can increase all resistances and add more Enhanced Defense. But unfortunately, it is only suitable for Necromancer skills.


    Homunculus is a very strong helm because it can boost all Resistances, Mana, and Mana regeneration.


    Ormus' Robes is an armor that gives lots of bonuses to Mana Regeneration, Cast Rate, Cold Skill, etc.


    Dwarf Star is a ring, which is valued for Fire Absorb.


    Nokozan Relic is an amulet, which adds a very large amount of Fire Resist.


    Hellrack is a Colossus Crossbow, which is quite useful for beating enemies.


    Bonehew is a Ogre Axe, which is a powerful polearm for any physical fighter. 


    Giant Skull is a helm, which is a socketed item that can socket runes.


    Set Items

    Taebaek's Glory is one of four pieces of Heaven's Brethren, and it is the last piece of Heaven's Brethren that ELDRXTCH gets. So he completed Heaven's Brethren.


    Four pieces of Heaven's Brethren:

    1. Dangoon's Teaching

    2. Haemosu's Adament

    3. Taebaek's Glory

    4. Ondal's Almighty


    Tal Rasha's Adjudication is one of the five pieces of the Tal Rasha's Wrappings and is an impressive amulet.


    Five pieces of Tal Rasha's Wrappings:

    1. Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye

    2. Tal Rasha's Guardianship

    3. Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest

    4. Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth

    5. Tal Rasha's Adjudication



    Runes can be socketed into socketed items. These constitute Runewords and provide equipment with more attributes. See the video to find where ELDRXTCH can get Sur, Vex, Um, Pul, and Fal runes.


    Charms + Bases

    Small Charms has three icons. No matter which icon is in players' inventory, it only takes up a single space. A small charm with 6% MF drops in this video.


    MF is Magic Find, which is an attribute found on items and increases the quantity of magic gear dropped.


    Gheed's Fortune is a grand Charm that takes up a 1x3 space in the player's inventory. It is popular amongst Magic Finding characters but has little use for other players.


    Crown Shield is a very nice base for paladins. It also has the inherent property of increasing all resistance.


    ELDRXTCH has farmed so many diablo 2 unique items in the video. If you are interested in it, you can try to farm as he said. But if you just want one of these items, such as Hellrack, you can choose a website to buy directly. And FarmGolds is a good choice. We have cheap d2r items, and we are committed to giving you the best service.


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