Diablo 2 Resurrected: Two Helpful Cube Recipes for the Early Game

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    The Horadric Cube is a device, which can update D2R Items or transmute certain items into other items. It has many useful recipes, and with these, players can update low Runes to high D2R Runes or get the enhanced items they want. So this time, we focused on the recipes of the cube and introduced KvotheD’s video, which shows two really cool and helpful cube recipes for new players. These cube recipes, which can be used to play through the early game of Diablo 2 Resurrected, can help players advance in their way to slay into Hell Difficulty much faster and easier.


    Recipe: Savage Polearm Class Weapon

    This recipe will not directly benefit players but is more useful to their mercenaries. And this one is a very simple cube recycle.


    Which Items Are Required in the Recipe

    This recipe requires a Kris, a Belt, a Diamond, and a Staff. Players can get all of these from merchants.


    1. Kris is a normal one-handed Dagger, and all classes can equip it.

    2. Belts is a type of Armor, and most of them contain multiple slots.

    3. Diamond is a type of gem. Players can choose one of any D2R Diamonds, and it’s doesn’t matter what color the diamond is.

    4. Staff is a two-handed rod, which is a blunt weapon.


    There is no request for the quality of Kris and Belt. That is to say, Kris and Belt may be normal, exceptional, or elite, and that all depends on the choice of players.


    What the Resulting Item Is after the Transmutation  

    Players can get a great polearm weapon because it always spawns with a savage prefix that gives up to 80% enhanced damage, and it can also roll additional suffix like Quickness with attack speed or Leech with a life stolen.


    With this recipe, in-game players can randomly get the resulting base from below:

    Normal Polearms: Bardiche, Halberd, Poleaxe, Scythe, Voulge, War Scythe

    Exceptional Polearms: Battle Scythe, Bill, Lochaber Axe, Partizan


    For example, players can transmute a Long Staff into a Savage War Scythe of the Leech using this recipe.




    Recipe: 3 Chipped Gems + 1 Magic Weapon

    Players can get an enhanced magic D2R weapon by using a magic weapon and three chipped gems. They can update a low-level magic weapon to a new magic weapon of level 25 with 1 to 2 sockets. And the new weapon of level 25 can have Staff Mods from the low level like level 6, level 12, level 18, and level 24. This is great because players can infinitely reroll an item to get the Staff Mods that provide plus skills on the class-specific weapons.


    This recipe is the most useful one for Sorceress Orbs, Necromancer Wands, Paladin Scepters. For example, players can transmute a Smoked Sphere of Fire Bolt into Ocher Smoked Sphere of Lightning.




    This is what FarmGolds shares today. We hope that these recipes can help you to proceed to the Hell Difficulty.


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