Endwalker Leveling Guide 80-90 in FINAL FANTASY XIV

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    The level cap has increased to 90 in FINAL FANTASY XIV Endwalker, so players who want to keep exploring the game will have to level their jobs up to the max level. Leveling up one job is easy and enjoyable, but most players play more than one job on a character, and leveling them up can be tedious. So, let us see what leveling methods players can switch between to avoid boredom.




    Pixie Dailies


    The top recommendation to start level up from 80 is Shadowbringers’ Pixie tribe quests. These quests can be completed in less than 5 minutes and grant a total of 1 million EXP for just flying across the map to click on stuff or finish fighting tasks.


    Note: Players can stack these daily quests. If players don’t have time to do these quests the next day, they can accept them and do them twice the day after, which also applies to Guildship Hunts.




    Guildship Hunts


    Guildship Hunts unlocked and accepted in Old Sharlayan, and this is a way to receive extra EXP when grinding Fates.




    Due to the big changes to EXP earned on Fates, players should not focus on Guildship Hunt because one Fate grants double the EXP amount and other rewards. So players should do Guildship Hunts by accepting all of them and tracking down those on the way to a Fate or other tasks in each zone.


    Note: Remember to open The Hunt tab inside the recommendation menu when doing Fates to keep track of the active targets in the zone.




    Wondrous Tails


    Wondrous Tails is essentially a sticker book with 16 objectives, and filling 9 of them will complete the book. The max line is three, and the more lines players link, the more EXP and rewards they can get.


    A single completion will grant half a level, so use this whenever players are stuck with any other method or want to do something else for alternation.




    Fates Grinding


    Endwalker Fates grinding is still the best way to level up and earn FFXIV Gil while leveling. Players get Bicolor Gemstones for doing Fates and can use the Gemstones to exchange crafting materials and sell on the Market Board for FF14 Gil or use them to level up crafting jobs.





    Before grinding Fates, players should first unlock flying in the area to go faster between Fates.


    When there is no Fate around, players can switch into other instances.






    If players like to play in dungeons or get tired of other leveling methods, then Endwalker dungeons after level 81 is a good choice. This way can also level up fast with a good group, and remember to use EXP bonus buffs to get more EXP out of every kill.


    Bozja and Zadnor


    Bozja and Zadnor is the fastest way to level up, and the advantage here is that players don’t have to worry about gears and can also hunt down some of the Shadowbringers relic weapons that players are still missing.


    But Bozja and Zadnor can be boring after a while, so players can do any other methods they like listed above to avoid boredom.


    When players get tired or bored with leveling, FarmGolds provides a handwork leveling job boost for FFXIV and has cheap FINAL FANTASY XIV Gil on sale. Whenever you are in need, they are there to provide.


    Thank you for reading, and enjoy playing FINAL FANTASY XIV.


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