ESO Champion Point System 2.0 Guide

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    Welcome to NirnStorm's guide to the new ESO CP system. This guide will introduce the Champion system 2.0 of The Elder Scrolls Online and explain how to handle the system as a new player. 



    The New Champion Constellations 

    You begin to earn ESO Champion Points (CPs) in the current system once a character reaches level 50. The nine constellations that used to exist have been replaced by three new ones: WarfareFitness, and Craft. Each of these Constellations has a different significance for your character and allows you to spend your Champion Points differently.


    The Warfare Constellation (blue tree) consists of many different active and passive effects that can improve your Damage and Healing abilities. It includes some layering CP stars that contain additional stars of their own.


    The Fitness Constellation (red tree) has much fewer passive stars. Instead, it has many active stars you can choose from, and those stars affect mainly your Armor, Mobility, and core combat mechanics such as Blocking, Dodging, and Breaking Free.


    The Craft Constellation (green tree) is very different from both of the previous ones. It contains fewer passive/active stars and perks, but it has some significant quality of life improvements that revolve around Crafting, Trading, Thieving, and Fishing. 


    Passive CP Stars

    To help explain the system, let's focus on each Constellation a bit more in-depth and discuss what type of points exist and what you should be looking at when you approach it.





    There are three different types of CP stars you can unlock. First are the Passive stars. Those stars are the ones in the center that give you passive effects whenever you unlock them. They act similarly to the CP stars of the old system. For example, you can unlock the Eldritch Insight passive. Putting 10 points into it would increase your Max Magicka by 260 points at all times, which will instantly affect your character and always be active.


    Active CP Stars (Slot-able Stars)

    These glowing blue ones on the right side give similar bonuses to the passive ones but require you to slot them into the Champion Bar on the top. For example, Arcane Supremacy will also increase your Max Magicka by 260 points if you spend ten blue points on it. However, for that increase to happen, you have to drag the star into the Champion Bar on the top to mark it as active. Each character can only have four active stars of each color at any given moment, as the rest will not grant their bonuses, even if you spend points on them if they are not currently slotted. 


    Many of the active stars are very powerful such as Cleansing Revival or Foresight. Cleansing Revival allows you to remove all harmful effects from targets you heal under 25% Health. Foresight reduces the cost of your Healing abilities by 75% after you drink a potion.


    This type of choice between stars is unique and interesting as it will force you to make meaningful decisions for every character. The strongest CP setup will not always be the same for different characters you have.


    Layer CP Stars (Mini Trees)



    The last CP star type is the layer stars (two glowing purple stars). If you press on them, they will open up a new mini tree, where there are additional CP stars, on which you can spend more blue points. These two purple stars are the only layer CP stars that currently exist. However, ZOS has openly discussed the potential of adding more of those in the future.



    The Fitness tree doesn't have any layer stars, and it doesn't have many passive ones. However, it has many active stars, which glow with red, giving you some powerful effects such as damage reduction while you're CC immune, health regen while your ultimate is high, or damage shield increase.


    Unlocking Additional Stars

    Fitness is a good tree to showcase how you can unlock additional CP stars by allocating points to others. To unlock the Mystic Tenacity passive, you have to spend points on other stars first. For example, you can put points into Tumbling to unlock it. But if you don't want to allocate points into Tumbling, you can also unlock it by putting points into Sprinter, Hasty, and Hero's Vigor first.


    The red tree has many great passives and even greater active stars that allow you to get anything from damage mitigation, armor resistances, cost reductions, and increased effectiveness of your Blocking and Sprinting.





    The Craft Constellation has fewer active and passive stars than the previous two. It has many stars that scale very far and require a lot of points to gain powerful effects. It can give you things like increased gold/item's quality and better success with traders and fences. It can reduce your fall damage or improve your movement speed. When you use a potion or poison, it also gives you a chance to not consume it.


    The New Champion Point Cap

    The cap for the Champion Point system has been raised to 3,600. You don't need to have this huge amount to be viable in PvP and PvE activities as a lot of these points go towards active stars, of which you can only have four active stars of each color. However, it is important to note that to be optimizing PvP and PvE, you will need the vast majority of all the passive stars to be completed fully with the addition of four active stars for each color. This total sum should be roughly 2,400 CP, which is certainly scary if you haven't reached your first thousand yet. However, the rate of how quickly Champion Points are earned has been sped up to accommodate the increase in the Champion Point Cap in Update 29.


    Champion Point Respec Costs

    It does not cost anything to change what you have currently slotted on your Champion Bar. The only restriction is that you cannot be in active combat. The cost to respec Champion Points will remain at 3,000 TESO gold.


    That's the new Champion Point system guide. If you found it helpful and learned something new from it, please hit the like button and subscribe to NirnStorm's channel for more content. For more guides related to The Elder Scrolls Online, please bookmark our ESO news page on FarmGolds. For players who need more space to store Furnishings and don't want to cost their hard-earned Elder Scrolls Online gold, there is a guide to getting a free house in ESO.


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