Everything You Need to Know About ESO Armory System

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    The Armory System is a new feature that will launch with Update 32 of The Elder Scrolls OnlineArzyeL Gaming's and Brah We Got This's videos contain everything you need to know about the Armory system. 


    The Armory system allows players to create and save custom ESO builds and quickly switch between them. This amazing tool can save skills, sets, Champion Points, Attribute points, and you can even use the station to quickly switch on or off Vampire or Werewolf.



    Every player can access the new Armory system by acquiring the Armory Station from the Crown Store for free. That means you don't have to have any expansions, DLC, or ESO Plus to utilize this. 


    To use the Armory Station, you have to get it and place it in your house. There is also an Armory Assistant that you can purchase from the Crown Store, and you can use the Armory Assistant, Ghrasharog, to access the Armory Station, too. But Ghrasharog can't be summoned in PvP and Trial areas.


    To begin using the Armory Station, you need to create a build first. Then you can go ahead and save it to the station. The station will save your skills, CP, Attribute Points, and item sets, but it can not save your Mundus. You can even rename your build and add a symbol to it through the build settings. 



    You need to make sure that the items you want in your build are in your inventory, so if you have many items in your bank, you need to make sure you have them in your inventory when you equip them.


    You only have two build slots for each character in the Armory Station, but you can unlock up to ten by purchasing additional slots in the Crown Store. 


    This system also shows you which items in your inventory are a part of an armory build. If there is a sword and shield icon in front of an item, that means the item is a part of an armory build, so you need to make sure that you don't deconstruct this item.



    The Armory Station makes it easy to switch between PvE and PvP builds or even different PvE roles, like DPS and Healer. What makes the Armory Station an excellent Quality of Life tool is its ability to turn on and off curses or Vampire and Werewolf. For example, you can be a Vampire for PvP and turn it off for PvE without the skill line. 


    Overall, the Armory Station is an excellent new QoL feature that will make it easier to save and switch between builds in ESO. The ESO Update 32 will launch in November. For more tips and news related to the upcoming update, please stay tuned to our ESO news page on FarmGolds – the best place to buy ESO money, items, and ESO champion points power leveling service. 




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