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    Today we're going to be teaching you all about making coins in New World. We will be sharing with you a lot of our secrets of what we've used to make as many New World Coins as we possibly can, so make sure you pay attention. We don't want you to miss anything here.


    One thing to consider before we get into this is that markets in New World are location-specific, meaning that if you're selling items in First Light, you're selling items in First Light or buying items in First Light. The same applies to Everfall and Windsward, so pay attention to where a lot of traffic is going, and you know where to spend most of your time leveraging the market.


    Some Things Not to Do with Your Coins

    From a beginner standpoint, we're going to tackle some key things that you can do at the beginning of the game to let your economy have a good start. Before we get into that, we want to talk about some things not to do with your coins when you start the game.


    Stop Spending Coins to Repair Equipment in Your Inventory (Levels Under 13-15)

    I say this because if you're going through the story, you will replace your early gear so fast, even faster if you tend to be a crafter. If you spend your repair parts and your coins to repair equipment, you will slowly siphon off your coins stores, especially in the beginning because you won't have that much of it even after you complete the story quest, which will leave you between 500 and 1000 coins.


    Stop Buying Tools, Especially Tools Without Perks

    Now, you may probably see people selling tools from 100 to 500 coins depending on their perks, and people actually buy them. This is a double-edged sword because if you intend to make these tools, there are some coins that you can make from selling these tools. Now even though I'm telling you not to buy them, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't sell them, and take advantage because not everybody in the world is going to watch this article. So it gives you a supreme advantage when paying attention to what you should and shouldn't do.


    Stop Buying Cheap Weapons

    So since we're on the topic of the auction house, another thing that you shouldn't be spending coins on is buying cheap weapons, just because they're green, especially pre-level 20. In the beginning, the stats of weapons before level 20 are not very good, and it's easy to make up for these weapons early on. I can tell you in open beta, I made a killing selling green weapons for 100 to 200 coins, just because the stats look nice. But as frequent as green drops are, especially as you guys get into Aaron expedition 20 to 25, you will start to see that spending the money on the weapons beforehand is a complete waste.


    Open Your Minds

    So, the biggest thing is you need to pay attention to human psychology and how people think. Understand that human nature is ambitious, greedy, power-hungry, and we all want to advance their progression faster than anybody else in the game. If you turn that into a system, you can sell certain items, tools, weapons, quest items that people don't want to look for because they didn't level the gathering up to 30, specifically Rivercress, which is a Herb that you can get by getting your gathering to 30.




    It's along the rivers, and stuff like that or Petalcap mushrooms are very plentiful in Windsward. 



    But it might be a pain to find in other places. These are things that you can gather. Use them to gather XP for yourself.


    Some Things You Need to Do

    Do the Story Quest

    The fastest way to make NW Coins is to do the story quest because they give a ton of coins. However, a lot of the story quests are gated behind your level, so the faster you can level up, the faster you can get access to more story quests. I don't think the Town Boards' quests are that great for coins because they give such a small amount unless you're doing AoE farming, meaning pulling 6 to 10 targets at a time and killing them all down.



    And if you apply everything that I talked about here in this article, you could set yourself up very nicely in terms of making a lot of coins early on, which can set up your economy. This can help you get into your first house very quickly, especially at level 15. The faster you get a house, the faster you can travel between territories, the more efficient your XP gain will be, the more efficient pretty much everything will be because you have less travel time between places.


    Vials of Azoth

    On top of that, there are other things that you can farm in the game, such as Vials of Azoth.




    When you use these vials, they give you Azoth which can sell for a decent amount of coins. We were selling these in the betas for about 500 coins a pop, and these can be easily found in areas that have lots of elites.


    Buy Orders or Sell Orders

    Now one more tip I want to give you. When managing the market, don't buy things directly if you are in a rush. You can create buy orders or sell orders for those of you who are playing crypto. For example, we're going to be using the vial of suspended Azoth here, and with the violet suspended days off, we were selling these for like 500 coins a piece. I would create buy orders for 100 coins, 200 coins, roughly 20 to 30 percent of what I was selling them for because I know that somebody out there probably didn't know what they had in their hands, so they're just selling it on the cheap because, in their opinion, they think it is very expensive. So I would put in the buy orders, and the buy orders would always fill, and it would give me Azoth files on the cheap that I can then sell and or use if I needed Azoth. We started participating in invasions on all that, and then I was pretty much capped on Azoth all the time. But until then, this is a great way that you can kind of min-max and play the market, so you can make as many coins as you possibly can. And if all else fails, and you are a gambler, there's a slash roll command that rolls dice from 1 to 6, and you can play big bank little bank with whoever you run into in town, just make sure they pay up when they lose.


    More Importantly

    But other than that, there are a lot more intricate systems and stuff that you can really take advantage of, in terms of gemstones, jewelry, profitable professions, and all of that. The economy is so important, and you will start to find this out the higher level you get in the world, especially when you get to level 60 with all those crazy repair costs and other fees.


    In addition, most part of this article comes from Demone Kim's video. If you are interested in these, you can follow his channel.



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