How to Acquire Light Rations in New World

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    How to Acquire Light Rations in New World

    The crafting system in New World is complex and provides a lot of different elements to the gameplay, making even Cooking a great skill to level up.

    By leveling up their Cooking skill, players can craft items that provide lasting bonuses and instant effects, such as the Light Rations.

    These are items that provide a small health recovery — 40 HP per second for 20 seconds — followed by a 1% regeneration of your health every 2.5 seconds for 20 minutes.

    So if you want to know how to acquire Light Rations in New World, this is the guide for you.

    Buying Light Rations

    Buying Light Rations 

    As it is common with lesser items in New World, there usually is someone who has made way too many items and won’t be needing them all.

    There are also those who identify that making certain items might be a difficulty that new players have to face, turning a fairly easy-to-make ration into a product that they can profit from.

    Anyway, I have found plenty of Light Rations for sales in all settlements I have visited, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to buy some if you really need some.

    However, you should not depend on the Trading Post to get your Light Rations.

    Cooking Light Rations

    Cooking Light Rations 

    Cooking your own Light Rations should be pretty easy. You have to learn it really early in the game. All you need is some Tier 1 Raw Food and a place to craft, such as a campfire or a proper kitchen.

    These are the current Tier 1 Raw Food items in the game:

    · Egg

    · Fish Filet

    · Game Meat

    · Milk

    · Mushroom

    · Nut

    · Pork

    · Poultry

    You only need a single unit of Tier 1 Raw Food to make a Light Ration. The easiest way to find one of those is most likely by skinning boars, so if you learn where to find boars in New World so you can easily gather the needed ingredients.

    Since this is a really simple item that is abundant in the early game, you don’t need any level in Cooking to be able to make it.

    Once your cooking level gets to 1 and 2, you will have access to new kinds of rations.

    Energizing Light Ration

    Energizing Light Ration 

    You can make these with the same Tier 1 Raw Food that you use to make Light Rations. However, you need your Cooking skill at level 1 for this.

    Energizing Light Rations make you regain MP instead of HP. They increase your health regeneration by 10% for 20 minutes.

    Travel Rations

    Travel Rations 

    Making Travel Rations demands Cooking at level 1, Raw Food, and two Raw Food items, but one of them must be Tier 2.

    These are the Tier 2 Raw food items in New World:

    · Bread

    · Carrot

    · Corn

    · Cranberry

    · Firm Fish Filet

    · Meat

    · Pastry Crust

    · Pasta

    · Red

    · Strawberry

    · Sausage

    · Squash

    Fishing is a good way to get both Tier 1 and Tier 2 Raw Foods, so if you might want to learn how to acquire Fish Files and Firm Fish Filets in New World. That way, you can always have the needed ingredients for Travel Rations.

    Note that these are just better versions of the Light Rations. Consuming them recovers 60 HP per second for 20 seconds instead of 40. The Travel Rations also provide the same regeneration buff that Light Rations do.

    Energizing Travel Rations

    Energizing Travel Rations 

    This is just a better version of the Energizing Light Rations. To make it, use the same ingredients you use for Travel Rations.

    Energizing Travel Rations increase your mana regeneration rate by 15% for 20 minutes. To be able to make this item, your Cooking skill must be at level 2.

    Final Thoughts

    There isn’t much more to it than what you found in our guide. Knowing where to get the ingredients and where to cook them is as simple as it sounds. Also, if you can always buy some if you can’t craft them for some reason.

    Having Light Rations is an excellent way to keep your health up when traveling between settlements, but with time you will learn there are many interesting food items that provide a wide variety of bonuses.

    Last but not least

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