How to Buy Crowns with Gold in ESO

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    Can you buy Crowns with gold in ESO? The answer is – Yes, but not directly. Arttea's video briefly details how it works and how to safely buy Crowns with gold or sell Crowns for gold in The Elder Scrolls Online.


    In The Elder Scrolls Online, you can use gold to buy potions, food, gear improvement materials, or things you don't want to farm for. Once you have a lot of gold, you can purchase Crown Store items with it, saving your real-life money. Besides cosmetics, you can even buy DLC with gold, which is very handy if you don't have an ESO Plus subscription. 



    How to Buy Crowns with Gold in ESO? 

    There is no means to purchase Crowns to have on your account with gold directly, but you can buy Crown Store items from other players with gold. You can't do this through an in-game feature but through another player willing to exchange a Crown item for an agreed-upon sum of gold. 


    There is a buyer and a seller in any Crown exchange and, sometimes, there is even a broker. The Crown buyer and seller will agree on a Crown-to-gold rate that they will use when determining the price of the Crown item. 


    What Is Crown-to-Gold Rate in ESO?

    The Crown-to-gold rate (aka. Crown-exchange rate) is the amount of gold that each Crown costs. The rates differ across platforms, and they change all the time.


    For example, if the Crown seller is willing to sell their Crowns at a rate of 600:1, it means the buyer will have to pay 600 gold for each Crown. If the Crown buyer wants to buy 15 Crown Crates, which are worth 5,000 Crowns, then the buyer will have to pay the Crown seller 3 million gold: 600*5,000=3,000,000.


    The Crown buyer gives the Crown seller the agreed-upon sum of gold via trade or in-game mailbox. Once the Crown seller receives the gold, they go into the Crown Store and gift the 15 Crown Crates to the buyer.


    Buyer Transfer Gold First

    When buying Crowns with gold, it's the Crown buyer that pays the Crown seller first because should the Crown seller choose to scam them and not hold up their part of the deal, the Crown buyer will only lose some free virtual currency, but if it is the Crown seller that ends up getting scammed, they'll lose real currency as Crowns need to be purchased with real money. 


    The risk is higher for the Crown seller, which is why it's not generally expected for the Crown seller to gift any Crown item until they've received their gold. But people do tend to have different opinions on this matter.



    The Role of the Broker

    Sometimes, a broker is used to avoid scams, which is especially common when a lot of gold is involved. 


    When to Use a Broker?

    •    When trading lots of gold

    •    Trading with someone that you don't know

    •    When using a Crown-exchange service


    How Does It Work?

    1. A buyer gives the broker gold to hold onto

    2. Seller gifts buyer the item

    3. Broker gives the seller the gold


    Usually, a broker is someone like a Guild master or officer, who can hold onto the Crown buyer's gold and give it to the Crown seller only after the Crown buyer has received their gift. This way, the broker can always return the gold to the buyer if the Crown seller runs off.


    Brokerage Fees

    Some independent brokers, or brokers representing a Crown-exchange service, request a small fee (a flat fee or a % of the gold from the Crown sale). Brokers charge fees for their time and as an insurance. In this way, if a scam ever occurs in the future, the victim of the scam can be compensated by the Crown-exchange organization.


    How to Safely Buy Crowns with Gold or Sell Crowns for Gold in ESO?


    •    Watch Out for Zone Chat Buyers and Sellers

    •    Buy/Sell Through a Guild

    •    Buy/Sell Through a Crown-Exchange Discord Server


    Sometimes, one party will receive their gold or Crowns but refuse to hold up their part of the deal.


    People who say they are selling Crowns for ridiculously low prices are very likely trying to take advantage of desperate buyers by taking their gold and running off with it. Conversely, a Crown buyer may persuade a Crown seller to gift them their Crown item first before they trade them any money and then run off when they receive their item without ever paying. 


    I'd recommend not buying or selling Crowns through Zone Chat. Buying and selling Crowns through a Guild is a much safer option because should one party decide to scam the other, there'll be consequences such as being removed from the Guild and blacklisted.


    By being in your Guild's Discord, you can also post a willing-to-buy (WTB) or willing-to-sell (WTS) Crown Ad. When someone responds to your Ad, you can see who the person is by recognizing them or using the Discord search tool to preview their activity. Active players and players that have been around in the Discord forever are unlikely to throw away the reputation and position in the Guild for a lousy Crown scam. 


    If you ever get scammed when buying or selling Crowns, you can submit a ticket to ZOS to explain that you've been scammed. Be sure to take screenshots or a video to prove that it happened, but don't worry if you didn't get a chance to, since ZOS should have access to the Chat logs.


    Reliable Crown-Exchange Discord Servers

    The safest option to avoid being scammed when buying or selling Crowns is through a Crown buying-and-selling Discord. There are quite a few of these Discords for players looking to purchase Crowns on all ESO servers. Below are some popular ones:


    Tamriel Crown Exchange (TCE) operates only within the PC NA server. They opened their doors in 2018 and have remained scam-free ever since. This is one of the largest and safest communities for exchanging gold for Crown Store items. 


    Their discord server is easy to navigate and use. You may also apply to become a seller for TCE through their server, and they have trusted brokers on deck to help you with those larger Crown sales and purchases. 


    Crowns are purchased and sold through TCE through a set exchange rate ultimately decided by TCE and influenced by supply and demand. Some trading and social Guilds have partnered themselves with TCE and thus have a special code for buying Crowns through TCE to receive a discount.


    Crown Network is a Discord server that operates exclusively on PC EU. Like TCE, the Crown Network has authorized sellers that are thoroughly vetted to ensure that Crowns are traded safely. They utilize brokers for a majority of their transactions to further ensure the safety of the Crown buyer and seller. They also have a set Crown exchange rate that all Crown buyers must refer to when purchasing Crowns.


    World Crown Exchange (WCE) operates on all of the ESO servers. Unlike TCE and the Crown Network, WCE operates on a free market model, where the Crown buyers and sellers are welcome to post advertisements for purchasing and selling Crowns at their own rates instead of a uniform rate determined by the server.


    WCE is the oldest, largest, and safest free-market community for trading gold and Crown Store items, with nearly 14,000 members and millions upon millions of Crowns sold.


    That's all you need to know to buy Crowns with gold in ESO. It is highly recommended to join those Crown exchange Discord servers if you're interested in buying or selling Crowns. To know more helpful information about The Elder Scrolls Online, please subscribe to Arttea's channel or bookmark the ESO news page on FarmGolds, which sells MMO currency.


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