How to Get Briarheart in ESO - Wrothgar Chest Farming Route

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    Farming chests in Wrothgar is the most financially reliable and rewarding mean to earn gold via chest farming because there are two relevant and highly sought-after sets in this zone. In this guide, Arttea shares with you her favorite Wrothgar chest farming route. Whether you're looking for gear to wear or selling them for some Elder Scrolls Online gold, this Wrothgar chest route can help you a lot.


    Why Farm Gear in Wrothgar

    Briarheart is a staple for Stamina PvE and PvP builds because of its Crit Damage and Healing properties. It's an excellent set for medium armor builds looking to push out some damage without compromising too much survivability.



    Mark of the Pariah used to be a popular defensive PvP, but other sets replaced it. However, with some recent changes in the game, Pariah has reclaimed its place in the limelight as one of the better defensive set options.


    In Wrothgar, your chances of receiving an item worth selling are higher than in any other zone. Even if things change, Wrothgar has a solid record of always being a great place to farm gear to sell for gold. That is what makes this chest route more profitable than a Deshaan chest farming route at the moment.


    Traits That Can Sell

    •   Briarheart Body Pieces: Divines

    •   Pariah Body Pieces: Reinforced, Impenetrable, Sturdy, Well-Fitted

    •   Weapons for both sets sell well in most Traits


    Because Pariah is used in PvP, you will find that it will sell well in all sorts of different Traits to accommodate different PvP play styles, whereas body pieces from sets such as Mother's Sorrow only tend to sell for a decent amount when they are in the Divines Trait.


    Since more Traits are desirable on Pariah gear, your chances of receiving something worth selling from a chest will be better, making this chest farm a more reliable means to make ESO gold.


    Actual Chest Farming Route


    Wrothgar Harvest Map


    Please watch Arttea's video for the actual chest route, and the farming begins from 3:53:



    Sometimes, if you didn't run into too many chests while completing this route, you can run back to the start of the route instead of porting back, which allows you to see if any boxes spawn in this area.


    If you found this video helpful, make sure to Like and subscribe to Arttea's channel. For more guides and tips, please head over to the ESO news page on FarmGolds: there are 5 best crafted sets for PvP and the most efficient ways to farm Companion gear in ESO.


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