How to Get Puppet Saber Blade in Lies of P

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    Lies of P | Xbox


    Lies of P is a thrilling action RPG that demands powerful weapons to conquer formidable foes. The Puppet Saber Blade is one such weapon that can provide an edge in battle. In this article, we will explore the details of this formidable weapon, including its type, acquisition, cost, and special effects.

    Puppet Saber Blade in Lies of P

    Type: The Puppet Saber Blade belongs to the category of dual wielded weapons, offering a balance between swift strikes and versatile combat capabilities.

    Acquisition: To obtain the Puppet Saber Blade, players must defeat the formidable boss, Astor the Puppeteer, who guards this powerful weapon. This challenging encounter requires strategic thinking and skill to emerge victorious and claim the coveted Puppet Saber Blade.Cost in Souls: Acquiring the Puppet Saber Blade comes at a cost, requiring a substantial amount of souls to attain this potent weapon. The investment in souls reflects the formidable power and potential that the Puppet Saber Blade offers in combat.

    Lies of P takes inspiration from Pinocchio, French history, and marries  them with Soulslike combat - Unreal Engine

    Special Effects: The Puppet Saber Blade possesses unique special effects that set it apart as a truly formidable weapon. Its swift strikes are infused with a mesmerizing energy that can stun and disorient enemies, providing an advantage in battle. Furthermore, the Puppet Saber Blade offers increased agility and maneuverability, allowing players to execute swift and precise attacks, further enhancing their combat prowess.

    By harnessing the power of the Puppet Saber Blade, players can gain a significant advantage in their journey through Lies of P. Its unique special effects, combined with its formidable combat capabilities, make it a sought-after weapon among players for confronting the game's toughest challenges.

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    In summary, the Puppet Saber Blade in Lies of P is a dual-wielded weapon that offers a balance of swift strikes and versatile combat capabilities. Obtaining this formidable weapon requires defeating the boss Astor the Puppeteer, along with a substantial investment of souls. The Puppet Saber Blade's special effects, including stunning energy-infused strikes and increased agility, make it a highly coveted asset for players seeking to conquer the challenges of Lies of P.


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