How to Get Soulfire Dragon Illusion Pet in ESO

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    The Elder Scrolls Online will add new event collectibles in the upcoming year. The base element for all event items in 2022 will be the Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet. Tianlein shows you how to get this pet with even tickets in ESO. 



    You will find the three needed unique fragments for the Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet from The Impresario during all the events of 2022. Each fragment is available for five event tickets at The Impresario's store, which means you need 15 event tickets to obtain the pet. 


    Soulfire Dragon Illusion

    Hallowed Basin fragment (5 Event Tickets)

    Illuminated Dragon Scroll fragment (5 Event Tickets)

    Kvatchian Incense fragment (5 Event Tickets)

    Soulfire Dragon Illusion = 15 Event Tickets




    Soulfire Dragon Illusion Pet


    After you have collected the Hallowed Basin fragment, Illuminated Dragon Scroll fragment, and Kvatchian Incense fragment, you have to combine them to summon the Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet:


    Go to your Collections -> Fragments -> Soulfire Dragon Illusion -> right-click on any of the fragments -> click Combine, and then the Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet is added to your collection.


    You can use the Soulfire Dragon Illusion as a regular non-combat pet or upgrade it into four unique collectibles. To know more about the other new collectibles of 2022, please bookmark our ESO news page on FarmGolds.


    2022 New Collectibles

    Quarter 1 – Scales of Akatosh Skin

    Quarter 2 – Unknown

    Quarter 3 – Unknown

    Quarter 4 – Unknown


    Keep in mind that if you morph your Soulfire Dragon Illusion, it will be consumed in the process. But you can re-acquire it by purchasing the three Soulfire Dragon Illusion fragments again from The Impresario during all the events in 2022.


    That is how to get the Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet in ESO. If you find this video helpful, make sure to share it with friends and subscribe to Tianlein's channel for more helpful information in the future. 


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