How to Get the Claymore in Dark Souls 3

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    Dark Souls 3 excels in offering a diverse array of weaponry that can turn the tide in your favor. Among these is the Claymore, a versatile sword that strikes a balance between power and agility. In this guide, we delve into how to obtain and effectively wield the Claymore to conquer the challenges that await.


    What is Claymore?


    The Claymore is a revered greatsword in Dark Souls 3 known for its balanced attributes suitable for various playstyles. Its sweeping attacks and respectable damage output make it a favorite among players seeking versatility in combat.


    How to Get Claymore in Dark Souls 3:

    To acquire the Claymore, venture to the High Wall of Lothric. Proceed through the area until you reach a room guarded by a mimic. Defeat the mimic to obtain this formidable weapon. Embrace its power and adapt your strategy to maximize its effectiveness in battle.


    How to Use Claymore:

    Mastering the Claymore requires understanding its moveset and leveraging its strengths. Experiment with its broad slashing attacks and thrusting moves to find a playstyle that suits you. Whether engaging foes up close or maintaining a defensive stance, the Claymore's flexibility ensures you can adapt to any situation.

    Dark Souls 3: How To Find & Use The Claymore Greatsword 


    In the realm of Dark Souls 3, the Claymore stands as a testament to versatility and power. By following our guide on how to acquire and wield this formidable weapon, you will unlock new strategies and triumph over the challenges that await. Harness the might of the Claymore and forge your path to victory in this unforgiving world.


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