How to Get Zweihander in Dark Souls 3

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    In the perilous and challenging world of Dark Souls 3, the acquisition of powerful weapons is essential for surviving the relentless onslaught of enemies and bosses. The Zweihander, known for its immense power and devastating abilities, is a coveted weapon among players. In this guide, we will explore the steps to obtain this formidable weapon and offer strategies and tips for its effective use.


    How to Get Zweihander in Dark Souls 3:

    The Zweihander can be obtained early in the game in the Cemetery of Ash area. It is located on the rooftops, near the giant enemy wielding a tree trunk. Engage in combat against the enemy and once defeated, the Zweihander will be yours to claim. With this weapon in hand, players can unleash devastating blows and wreak havoc upon their adversaries.



    Step by Step Guide:

    To effectively wield the Zweihander, players must master the skill, strategy, and knowledge required for its optimal use. The weapon's heavy and sweeping attacks require precise timing, stamina management, and understanding of its reach and impact. Utilize its unique moveset to deliver crushing blows and control the battlefield with its fearsome prowess.



    Understanding the weapon's moveset and mastering its timing are crucial for successful combat. The Zweihander's heavy attacks can stagger and overwhelm opponents, making it an effective tool for crowd control and dispatching formidable adversaries.



    Utilize the Zweihander's wide swings and staggering potential to disrupt enemy formations and create openings for devastating follow-up attacks. Learning to position yourself for maximum impact and managing your stamina are key aspects of utilizing this powerful weapon effectively.

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    Understanding your opponent's vulnerabilities, as well as the Zweihander's strengths and weaknesses, is essential for exploiting opportunities and countering threats. Knowledge of enemy behaviors and weaknesses will allow players to optimize their approach and maximize the weapon's destructive potential.


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    The Zweihander is a legendary and powerful weapon in Dark Souls 3, offering immense destructive capabilities for those bold enough to wield it. By following this guide, players can acquire this mighty weapon and harness its overwhelming strength to overcome the trials and foes that await in the unforgiving world of Dark Souls 3. With a mastery of combat skills, strategic prowess, and access to additional resources, players can lay waste to their enemies and emerge triumphant with the awe-inspiring Zweihander at their side.


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