How to Obtain the Crypt Blacksword in Dark Souls 2

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    Steeped in shadows and infused with malevolent energy, the Crypt Blacksword stands as a coveted weapon in Dark Souls 2, beckoning adventurers to embrace its sinister might. Journey with us as we explore the eerie depths of obtaining, utilizing, and mastering this ominous greatsword to overcome the darkness that lurks within the game.

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    What is Crypt Blacksword:

    The Crypt Blacksword is a menacing greatsword in Dark Souls 2, known for its dark aura and formidable strength. This weapon harnesses the power of the abyss, delivering devastating blows to foes and instilling fear in those who dare to cross its path. With each swing, the darkness within the blade consumes the very essence of its enemies.


    How to Get Crypt Blacksword in Dark Souls 2:

    To acquire the Crypt Blacksword in Dark Souls 2, players must embark on a challenging quest that involves defeating the Darkdiver Grandahl at the Abyss Covenant's final chamber. Upon emerging victorious, players can transpose his soul to create this formidable greatsword, offering access to its unparalleled power and dark enchantments.


    How to Use Crypt Blacksword:

    Mastering the Crypt Blacksword requires a keen understanding of its unique properties and playstyle. Infused with dark energy, this greatsword excels in dealing massive damage, especially against enemies vulnerable to dark elements. Its wide swings and sheer power make it ideal for decimating foes in both PvE encounters and PvP battles, rewarding players who can harness its full potential with devastating results.

    Dark Souls 2 PvP - Crypt Blacksword Build - YouTube 

    How to Beat the Boss:

    When facing the Darkdiver Grandahl to obtain the Crypt Blacksword, strategic planning and agility are key. As the battle unfolds, be prepared to dodge his powerful magic attacks and exploit openings to strike back. Utilize dark-resistant equipment and powerful offensive spells to whittle down his defenses and secure victory, claiming the Crypt Blacksword as your hard-earned reward.



    The journey to obtain and wield the Crypt Blacksword in Dark Souls 2 is not merely a quest for a weapon but a test of skill and determination. With its dark allure and formidable strength, this greatsword challenges players to delve into the depths of darkness, harness its power, and emerge victorious against formidable foes. Embrace the shadows, master the blade, and conquer all who dare to stand in your path.

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