How to Store Items in New World

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    When you first start playing the game, there will be a series of quests that eventually leads to joining a faction. Before that, you will be introduced to all the features inside the settlement.

    You will get to see your storage shed where you can store your items but, it is not that simple. There are a ton of resources available in New World and you have the freedom to level every single crafting skill for a single character.

    This guide will show you how to store items in New World and teach you how it works and how to manage your inventory better.

    What Are Storage Sheds?


    Storage sheds are the main container for keeping items safely. When you get encumbered, you must come back and store your precious resource instead of wasting them away or limiting yourself in gathering skills.

    Each settlement has multiple storage sheds you can access. However, each storage shed from different settlements contains a separate inventory from each other.

    In short, items you deposit inside the storage shed in Windsward will not be accessible in the storage shed in Everfall. The same goes for each settlement in New World.

    This makes it very difficult to manage your inventory. Each storage shed also has a limited weight capacity for your valuable items and resources.

    Can You Use Resouces Inside the Storage Shed?

    As a good quality of life feature, you can access items inside your storage shed directly while crafting from any of the stations. If you have been farming Green Wood or Fresh Water, they can be used in crafting stations even if they are inside the storage shed.

    When you go to the Arcane Repository and you are crafting potions that require Fresh Water, it will automatically use up the Fresh Water inside your storage shed. The same goes for each resource but, as mentioned before, each settlement has a different storage shed.

    This is why it is best to focus on 2 to 3 settlements for your crafting needs.

    How to Increase Storage Capacity


    The only way to increase your storage capacity is by gaining territorial rewards and picking the one that increases your storage capacity. Since each settlement containers have different resources, the storage capacity increase is also separate from each other.

    You need to focus on 2 to 3 settlements in storing your valuable resources. For example, if you would like to treat Windsward and Everfall as your crafting hub center (where you would like to craft most of your materials), focus on territorial upgrades that increase your storage capacity and gathering speed.

    You can fast travel between settlements if you want to move some resources instantly. I highly suggest cutting your trading tax through the territorial rewards on one of these settlements too.

    If you are looking to make some coins through crafting, it should be the highest priority when it comes to territorial upgrades.

    Tips for Storage Management

    There are a ton of resources you can specifically allocate to each of the settlements available. Since each resource will weigh differently from others while some professions or trade skills require resources in huge quantities, you can separate them from each other.

    Logging and mining both take up a ton of storage space in terms of weight and usage. You can separate the bulk of the resource into different settlements to save some space.

    If you have purchased a house in a specific settlement, you can put your logging resources there. This will come in handy when you start decorating with furniture.

    Herbs are surprisingly heavy but, the quantity is a little lower compared to logging and mining resources. Since leveling up your Arcana skills requires more than just herbs, it will still be easy to manage when the next heaviest resource is Fresh Water.

    You can easily get Fresh Water inside the settlement anyway so you do not have to fill up your storage shed with it.

    For other minor trade skills like Cooking and Fishing, you can dump them wherever you want. Just remember which settlement you store them in.

    If you are looking to make money, prioritize crafting and trading taxes over storage capacity on territorial upgrades. While storage capacity seems like a priority, the tax will hurt your profits.

    It is worth noting that each settlement can change its tax rates when the current company loses control of the territory. With this in mind, you can disregard the current tax rates since they will likely change depending on who controls the territory. 

    Last but not least

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