How to Take Full Advantage of Winter Veil in TBC Classic

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    From Dec 15 to Jan 2, all gamers can participate in an awesome Winter Veil holiday event that has been running since the early days of Vanilla WoW, whether you're playing TBC Classic or Season of Mastery. Today FarmGolds, as a reliable TBC gold seller, will go over the rewards you can get from this event, and what's new in TBC this year. Let's get into it.





    The best way is to go through the quests first, as the quests for this event are going to present you with the majority of the content and rewards you can get from Winter Veil.


    Greatfather Winter

    The first quest is Greatfather Winter. You can grab it from any city at Smokywood Pastures goblins stationed here. This is a breadcrumb quest, so you don’t necessarily have to do it but you’re better to pick it up especially if you’re not max-level as it gives a bit of XP.





    Your next destination and the main hub for this event is going to be in either Ironforge for the alliance or Orgrimmar for the horde. Talk to Greatfather Winter and turn in the breadcrumb quest to him if you have it.


    From him, you'll see this quest called Treats for Greatfather Winter. For this, you'll have to do two things. First, go to the closest Innkeeper Firebrew and buy Ice Cold Milk. The second and most important is to make yourself or buy Gingerbread Cookies. You can make this with level 1 cooking by buying the recipe from the vendors nearby. With the 5 small eggs from the Auction House, and the 5 Holiday Spices from the vendors again, you don’t have to do this quest, it doesn't unlock anything, however, it gives Smokywood Pastures Gift Pack, which contains 4 low-level reagents.


    Metzen the Reindeer

    The next quests are interesting, talk to Wulmort Jinglepocket nearby and pick both quests he offers, Metzen the Reindeer and Stolen Winter Veil Treats.


    Let's start with Metzen the Reindeer, you’ll have to free Metzen who’s held prisoner in one of two locations. It’s up to you where you want to go, either Searing Gorge or Tanaris. Once you reach there, kill the Dark Iron Dwarves and open the Smokywood Satchel you got, then simply use the Pouch of Reindeer Dust on him, and the quest is done. You can turn it to the quest giver in Orgrimmar or Ironforge and you'll receive 5 pieces of Preserved Holly, and in 24 hours from the moment, you turn it, you’ll also receive Smokywood Pastures Extra-Special Gift by mail, which contains 20 Graccu’s or Grakku’s Mince Meat Fruitcake. Hands down the best food in the game in terms of how fast it restores your health and mana. In either TBC or SoM, this is going to be especially good for speed runs, but unfortunately, you only get 20 stacks and they're BoP.


    Let's talk about Preserved Holly. Unfortunately, there aren't any mounts in this event. However, there’s an item that can turn any mount you ride into a Reindeer until you dismount, and even flying mounts.





    This Preserved Holly, in particular, is special because it lasts even after the event is over, as opposed to the Fresh Holly which we’ll get later. Its price is definitely going up on Auction House after the event, so you may want to use the Fresh Holly instead if you turn your mount into a Reindeer. After completing this quest, if you have 300 cooking, you can get one more piece of Preserved Holly by doing the quest The Hero of the Day. This is a one-time-only quest and you’ll need to turn in 5 WoW TBC gold/SoM gold and 1 piece of Deeprock Salt to receive 1 piece of Preserved Holly, so that’s 6 pieces of Preserved Holly so far.





    Stolen Winter Veil Treats

    Let’s move to the next quest you picked. This one takes place in Alterac Mountain, and you’ll need to talk to a Strange Snowman, and a new quest will become available, you’re a mean one, which will require you to kill Abominable Greench and retrieve Stolen Treats from his corpse. So this guy is a bit annoying to find because he apparently has 4 spawn locations and around 3 minutes of respawn timer. If there are a lot of players around him, it’s going to take you a while to get him, so I suggest you find someone who has a group or make a group yourself and have everyone spread out around half-circle, unfortunately, if someone in the group is too far, they’re not going to be able to loot the Greench, which has happened on a Mage in my group. You can try to tag the Greench and wait until your group members come, but other players also want to kill him and try to tag him when he spawns, so this quest is a bit annoying to do. But anyway, once you have secured him, head back to Orgrimmar or Ironforge and turn in the quest. Once you do that, you’ll receive the quest - A Smokywood Pasture’s Thank You, which you turn to Greatfather Winter. From this, you’ll receive Smokywood Pastures Special Gift, which contains some interesting rewards from this event. You will get four recipes at random, and the most notable one is Snowmaster 9000 for Engineers, which is the only way to obtain snowballs outside this event. Elixir of Frost Power is going to be a very important consumable for Mage in Season of Mastery throughout the game.





    You can also get Edge of Winter Weapon, Gloves of the Greatfather, Green Holiday Shirt, and Winter’s Might, but none of these are useful unless you like the ways they look.


    After completing this quest, you’ll receive Winter Veil Disguise Kit in your mailbox 24 hours later, which turns you into a snowman and requires 1 snowball to use, and you can’t move, but you can dance while being turned (it is super cute).


    The Feast of Winter Veil

    You can grab this quest in Orgrimmar or Ironforge, and its purpose is only to tell you about the lore of this event. It’s interesting to read if you’re curious about lore stuff. If you can do all these quests, you will get the majority of rewards, but there are still a lot of interesting things to unveil.


    Winter Veil Gift

    This is a new addition in TBC, which requires level 10 at least and contains the pet - Clockwork Rocket Bot (a cool-looking pet), so you can see it is filled with crazy all throughout the game.


    Gift Boxes

    On Dec 25, there are more things available here. Those gift boxes under the tree are going to become clickable and you’ll be able to open 5 of them if you’re in Season of Mastery or 6 in TBC. 3 of them are kinda useless, and they are just food or wands that make people laugh. Gaily Wrapped Present contains 4 pets: Green Helper Box, Red Helper Box, Snowman Kit, or Jingling Bell, and each one summons a different pet, so pick your favorite and hope for the best on Dec 25.





    Ticking Present

    It requires at least level 40 to open and contains the Mechanical Greench, which has 3 charges. It’s not a regular pet, and it is a battle pet, not sure how strong it is, but it could be useful while leveling up. From this same present, you also get 5 pieces of Preserved Holly, so that makes 11 pieces of Preserved Holly you can get in a year, and finally Ticking Present gives you another random 5 professional recipes we talked about earlier.


    Winter Revelers

    Winter Revelers are located inside Inns in the capital and major cities in most zones. Blowing a kiss into Winter Revelers awards you one of the following items randomly:

     image.pngFresh Holly - Transforms your mount into a Reindeer, and the item lasts for 7 days.

     image.pngMistletoe - Grants +20 spirit to target.

     image.pngHandful of Snowflakes - Shower a nearby target with a cascade of snowflakes!


    All the content is quoted from Curios' video.



    Lastly, we hope that you can take full advantage of the Winter Veil event to get more rewards. Of course, if you are in need of fast and cheap TBC Classic gold or safe TBC power leveling service, you can buy one of them from a reliable site like FarmGolds. Trust us, and we won't let you down.


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