How to Use Auction House in Lost Ark

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    Smilegate's Lost Ark has launched many days in NA and some western regions. Like other MMO games, Lost Ark also has an auction house. In this guide, FarmGolds will share something you need to know about the auction house.


    Lost Ark


    A Brief Introduction About Lost Ark


    Lost Ark (MMOARPG) is not a new game. It was first launched in South Korea in December 2019. After three years of improvement, it gets more impeccable. In Lost Ark, players can choose diverse advanced classes and change their style based on their experience. They can explore seven continents, hundreds of islands, and seas between them and fight or be friends with magnificent beasts. According to the newest data display, thousands of players are lining up to get into overloaded servers. Since the game launched in Europe and NA in February 2022, the number of online players has peaked at 1.3Million, which shows how popular the game is!


    What is Lost Ark Auction House


    The auction house in Lost Ark is a trading platform for players to buy and sell any items, gear, and other consumables. The main trading currency used on the auction house is gold, which means players can use it to get more lost ark gold. And the Lost ark mailing system doesn't support cross-server trading, but the auction house does. So it's a valuable tool for players.


    How to Access Auction House


    To access the auction house, you need to level your character up to lvl30. And then, you will find a button under the mini-map. You can open the auction house by clicking it. If you can't find the button, you can use the "Edit Widgets" to find it.


    How to Use Auction House


    There are two tabs: the Auction Tab and the Bidding Tab. In the Auction Tab, players can buy items immediately with the sellers' set price. However, in the Bidding Tab, players have to bid against other players to purchase items like the Equipment and artifacts on display, and the highest bidder will get the item.


    The Auction Tab

    In the Auction Tab, except for the clothing, all items have been used by other players. In this tab, items are separated into the below categories. And these categories are further divided into subcategories to make it easier for players to search items according to their grade or Tier level.


    ●Adventure Book

    ●Combat Goods

    ●Enchant Materials

    ●Equipment Chests


    ●Gem Chests





    ●Seal Books



    Lost Ark Auction House


    The Bidding Tab

    In the Bidding Tab, players can bid for any items related to gear. It has a more complex filter system than the Auction Tab. Players can search items by item type, class, skills items have, skill level, and further bonuses. And to let players search for specific items without repeatedly ticking boxes, it also offers various presets or filters templates.


    There is a very important difference between these two tabs that Buying items via the Bidding Tab requires not only gold but also Pheons which can only be purchased by Blue Crystal. And there are only two ways to get Blue Crystal. One way is that you can use Royal Crystals with real-life money and then use the Royal Crystal to buy the Bule Crystals. The other way is that players can buy it via Lost Ark Gold.|


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