How to Use the Trading Post in New World

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    How to Use the Trading Post in New World

    Earning coins is a bit different in New World when it comes to your typical MMORPG. There aren’t any vendors available in the game to sell your unwanted goods to gain some consistent gold.

    It makes the economy stricter and emphasizes using the trading post, completing missions, and settlement management.

    In this guide, you will learn how to use the trading post in New World and potentially make as much money as you can from crafting or gathering resources.

    What is the Trading Post?

    What is the Trading Post? 

    The trading post is the marketplace for all players to buy and sell their items. It works like the stock market, where you can set buy orders and sell orders at a set price of your choosing.

    Since most of the items are useless, you can salvage them to get Repair Parts instead of selling them in the trading post. Using the trading post can be tempting. You might end up using a few of your precious coins for some temporary improvements on your gear.

    You can weigh the pros and cons of using your coins. Most of the time, they will be temporary improvements. Think wisely before spending your coins since it will be hard to make money in this game.

    How Does the Trading Post Work?

    When you use the trading post, you can search for the items you want to buy on the search bar. You can also search through the item categories to find out what you are looking for.

    You can look at the buy and sell orders and decide if the price is too high or too low for you. You can see on the right side the lowest listed price by a player on a specific item.

    Buy and sell orders usually have a significant discrepancy in the prices. Players the craft for money typically have a calculated price point on specific resources to earn profits per craft.

    They play around the market, but with how the trading post works, the game combats this issue for casual players who do not have time to play all day.

    When you place sell orders and buy orders, you do not have to wait around the trading post or a settlement to wait for it to process.

    You can go around and try to level up, finish quests, gather some resources, or do whatever pleases you. Buy and sell orders will notify you from anywhere when an item is purchased or sold.

    How Does the Trading Post Work? 

    All trading posts are different and separate from each other. You can have a buy or sell order in Windsward while having another buy and sell order in Cutlass Keys.

    Each settlement will have a different market from the other. You can find other settlements that may have lower prices for a specific resource and vice versa. If you are buying or selling in bulk, it is best to check the prices on each settlement and increase your profit or save some coins.

    It will require you to move the resources to the settlement with better prices manually. If you are looking at resources worth thousands in coins, it is best to follow this strategy.

    If the difference is not that significant, you can proceed as you wish. It might not even sell at the price you want, so it is better to play the market wisely.

    How to Place Buy Orders

    How to Place Buy Orders 

    Placing buy orders can be confusing. You will enter a buy order for a specific resource and leave it there. But the question is, how do you get the items when you are adventuring outside the settlement?

    When a sell order meets the price of your buy order, you will automatically receive the item as it is sent to your storage shed instead of your inventory.

    Since each trading post from each settlement is different from one another, the weight of the items is limited to the space you have on each settlement’s storage sheds.

    How to Place Buy Orders 

    There is a limit to the buy order you place in terms of weight. If your storage shed cannot hold the required amount, you will not be able to buy it.

    This increases the importance of maximizing your storage shed. You can choose a specific settlement or town to do your trading needs by reducing the trading fees and increasing your storage capacity. This allows you to store more items which allows you to buy resources in bulk.

    It is highly suggested that you have around 3-4 settlements with great territorial rewards built around lower crafting fees, more storage, and lower trading fees.

    How to Place Buy Orders 

    When you are looking to buy specific items, you can use the filters on top of the buy order lists. Once you search for a weapon, gear, or even a gathering tool, they can all have gems, perks, and modifiers.

    You can search for the specific perks, gems, and modifiers you want on your item and filter out the list. This will help in saving you time scrolling through countless pages of buy listings.

    However, the prices can change significantly depending on the modifications the item has. If you are low on coins, it is best to search for the price differences of specific modifiers and decide if it is worth it or not.

    How to Place Sell Orders

    How to Place Sell Orders 

    To place sell orders, go to your inventory and search for the item you want to sell. If a sale goes through for one of your items, the notification only shows “+X coins,” where X is the number of coins you received from the sale.

    How to Place Sell Orders 

    It will show up anywhere and anytime as it happens. You might not even realize it. If you go back to the trading post, you can find your order history for all the things you have sold.

    Keep in mind that the prices for resources that are in demand can change erratically. It only takes one player to buy a ton of resources in bulk to spike the prices up.

    It is wise to wait and check for the item’s average price and try placing a sell order above the lowest amount in the trading post.

    You can adjust the quantity of the resource you want to sell and change the number of days you want it listed on the trading post.

    This is where the trading fee comes in. The trading fee is dependent on the tax percentage set by the company controlling the settlement. It is then adjusted by the perks you have on territorial rewards.

    The total trading fee is based on the total amount. If you sell a single piece of Coarse Sandpaper for 0.01 coins, the selling price is so minimal that you would incur losses for posting it.

    Do not worry about the calculations. The trading post will notify you if you incur losses for placing a sell order at a low price.

    The number of days set on a sell order incurs a significant amount of trading fees. On-demand items such as Iron Ores, Rawhides, or any essential resources for crafting should be listed at 1-2 days. Valuable epic weapons and armor that are hard to sell can be listed as long as you want.

    Maximizing Trading Fees

    Maximizing Trading Fees 

    Territory rewards try to negate the trading fees imposed by certain companies that own the settlement. This is a fun, exciting twist where companies can manage and fight for control of the market. It is a bit complicated as a new MMORPG player to learn how companies work in New World.

    There is a lot of coins involved when it comes to managing settlements. All trading fees and crafting fees incurred inside the settlement directly go to the company owning the territory.

    Owning a settlement as a company can be fruitful, but you will need to invest coins to own it and fight for the territory against opposing companies.

    You will spend on upgrades for the fort and the settlement, where the trading fees would help cover the costs or even make a profit for your entire company.

    As a casual player, you will have to adjust to the trading fees and move from settlement to settlement to find the best deals. However, using the territorial rewards to reduce the trading fees is always an option.

    You can have specific settlements built on reducing costs with your territorial rewards.

    Final Thoughts

    Everything is a give-and-take. You can choose to save time and become carefree when it comes to your finances.

    You can also choose to be thrifty and play the market as you progress through the game. The value of the item or resource is always fair. It is based on the item’s usefulness, whether it is for crafting, profits, or progressing in the game.

    Last but not least

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