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    Lost Ark was released in Europe and the Americas not long ago. But what is lost ark, is it attractive? Today, FarmGolds would like to help everyone figure out if this game is worth the time and we will discuss it from these aspects – character progression, classes, PvP, cash shop, and more. So let's get started.



    What Is Lost Ark?

    Lost Ark is an isometric 3D fantasy massively multiplayer online action role-playing game. It is co-developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate's game development subsidiary Smilegate RPG. It offers an immersive action-centric playing style and adopts a non-targeting combat system and a dynamic quarter-view angle to maximize the game experience. Embark on an odyssey for the Lost Ark in a vast, vibrant world: explore new lands, seek out lost treasures, and test yourself in thrilling action combat.


    It was released in Europe and the Americas on February 11, 2022. Within twenty-four hours of release, it became the second most played game on Steam.



    Character Progression

    Lost ark is a linear game where your character travels through various continents, beats up the baddies, gets strong enough to move to the next area and repeat. Lost ark is very story-driven, and there are plenty of cutscenes and lore to go through or skip through if you’re not much of a reader. But there are a lot of cutscenes that you’ll have to watch before you reach level 50, which is the point where most content unlocks.


    The level cap of the game is 60. Levelling up between level 50 and 60 can easily take a week per level. But levelling to level 50 does not take very long, the gear necessary to progress can be obtained from quests and from completing story dungeons. However, level 50 is also where the game truly starts and most of the more fun dungeons and raids will open up.


    Levelling in lost ark is not done by grinding hours upon hours in similar maps, instead, the fastest way to level up is to follow the main questline. (You can follow Coppersan's channel, since he has a video detailing how to get to level 50 fast, and most content of this article also comes from him.) But because you’re levelling up through a set path and a set questline, creating multiple characters can be a bit repetitive in the long run because you have to go through the same story over and over again.


    Once you’ve reached level 50, it is pretty common to create Alt Characters that you can use to start running even more raids and dungeons for even more gains. And there are multiple systems that can make your character stronger.


    In the earlier game, you’re still working to reach level 50, and all content can be done solo. But it does help if you have a party member running around to complete quests quicker. But later in the game, group play starts being a big focus of the game. Dungeons and raids require gear scores, so finding the new gear and upgrading it is a big part of your progression. You cannot destroy your gear if you fail, but you do lose the materials. And if you fail too much at one point, there is a chance to get a guaranteed upgrade like a pity system. But because you lose your materials, it is important to have Alts just to get the necessary items and Lost Ark Gold back again.




    There are 15 Classes, 3 warriors, 4 martial artists, 4 gunners, 2 mages and 2 assassins. There are no true tanks in the game but there are some classes like the Gunlancer who are able to tank just a bit more damage than others. All classes are basically DPS classes except for the Berserker, which is part of the mage branch, and the Paladin class, which is part of the warrior branch. Those classes are supportive, and while they can be built for DPS, they are just not all on the same level as the other DPS classes. These two supportive classes are in very high demand at a higher level and welcomed by every party.


    All classes have their own unique playstyle. Classes are generally locked, but the developer is working on releasing classes for both genders like the Gunslinger and Deadeye, which are basically the same class with some minor differences. But there are more classes that aren’t available yet at launch like the artist.


    Every class unlocks skills as they level up and has an identity skill that is unique. For example, the Shadowhunter class that I am playing can transform to gain more damage, HP and new attacks, while the Berserker can as a true Berserker go into some kind of enraged mode and destroy everything. Skill points for your skills are acquired from levelling, and those skill points can be applied to boost skills and unlock special effects for every skill, from increased damage to lower cooldowns to other effects.


    Lost Ark Tripod System


    This Tripod System is a fun way to customize your skills for the way you want to play. And your skill points can be reset at any time for free. It is also common to have different builds for PvP and PvE content.




    There are 3 types of PvP: Regular PvP, Island PvP and guild vs guild PvP. PvP in lost ark is purely skill-based, and your item upgrades and how strong you are doesn't count towards your damage, and it's a completely level playing field. Classes are pretty balanced but there are some that are better at PvP than others.


    Regular PvP is a free-for-all mode. Every team has 3 members that they send in one by one and a team deathmatch. Island PvP is more based on mini-games, and guild PVP is a weekly guild event where players from one guild can battle another. This is done on an island and the winner will claim the island for the week. This PvP can be combat based but doesn’t have to be. PvP can reward some PvE related materials but it isn’t necessary to do PvP for your progression.



    Cash Shop


    Lost Ark Cash Shop


    Lost ark is free to play and doesn’t offer blatant pay to items like a fully upgraded item or anything like that. Most items sold are mounts, pets and costumes. There is also a 30-day special service that can be bought, which gives bonuses like free use of Triports, reduced crafting time for your Stronghold and other minor buffs. But what is nice is that the items can be bought in a special currency called Crystals. These Crystals can be obtained from quests, achievements, and they can be bought for Gold Lost Ark. Pets and mounts are obtained through regular gameplay as well and they are vital to get around quickly. Pets can also do a lot of other things like repairing items and having their inventory. Those effects need to be renewed every 30 days.



    What Else Can I Do in the Game?

    There also are a ton of other things to do in lost ark. In addition to your daily dungeons, there are life skills, quests, relationships and NPC. Each area has their own adventure tome that can be completed. This usually involves defeating a field boss and completing quests and dungeons.


    You can get your own personal island that can be fully customized with furniture, and your own house that can fully be customized with the furniture as well.


    Lost Ark Personal Island


    You can also get your own boat and set up a crew to explore a ton of different smaller islands.


    Lost Ark Boat


    Sailing is actually a big part of the game as well. There is tons of content to explore around the world and the different weather patterns in each region. Your ship and crew can be upgraded, which are tied to your own island, where you can research for various benefits.


    Lost ark is a crazy big game with a lot of things to do. If you do decide to pick it up, I recommend taking it easy and learning the mechanics bit by bit so you don’t get burned out trying to get everything perfect at once. What do you think about lost ark? And will you be playing it? We also would like to know the answer in your heart.



    Lost Ark Gold for Sale

    Finally, I would like to share a piece of great news with you. FarmGolds has cheap Lost Ark Gold for sale, you can buy them and start your beautiful game journey.


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