Level Up Fast in Diablo 2 Resurrected

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    Diablo 2 Resurrected has been released. About how to level a new character fast, FarmGolds will share some tips for newcomers.


    Which to choose - online & single player




    While you are playing single player or join a party to level your character, there are some things you need to consider:

    1) Single player: online play - private room. You will keep all the experience and loot.

    2) Online: Join an eight-person game, which will greatly increase your experience than playing single player. Because each time a player joins the party, the enemies will get increased health and damage, meanwhile they will also provide more loot and experience, but all nearby party members will share the experience. Beyond that, the enemies’ clear time is much faster because of all partners’ combined efforts. Another key difference between single player and online is that area maps will always remain the same. That means if you are playing single player, you know exactly where you need to go to reach your desired location, so you won’t lose time exploring.


    Diablo 2 resurrected leveling up gets harder and harder as you progress through the game. Hoping these tips are helpful for you. If you need more guides, you can check Fextralife’s video. Most of the content in this guide also comes from his videos.



    Where to level up




    Depending on your level, some areas will give you much higher experience. You need to head to these locations and kill all the enemies you encounter, then quit your game and create a new game. Repeat until you reach the recommended level.


    You can keep the following stages in mind:

    From 1-15: clear Tristram repeatedly.

    From 15-24: clear Tal Rasha’s Tombs in the canyon of magi.

    Level 24: complete Rite of Passage

    From 25 to 40: clear Chaos Sanctuary and Baal repeatedly.

    Level 40: complete Rite of Passage (nightmare difficulty).

    From 41-60: clear the Chaos Sanctuary and complete Baal on the nightmare difficulty.

    Level 60: complete the Rite of Passage on the hell difficulty. (If you have any trouble, you might want to have Diablo 2 Runes from the countess)

    From 61-99: you will repeatedly clear the Chaos Sanctuary and complete Baal on hell difficulty.


    Finally, as we all know, an excellent economic base will also help to level a character easily and fast. But if you don’t have much time farming by yourself, FarmGolds can help, as we have Diablo 2 Gold for sale and provide various Diablo 2 Items for you to choose from. We are a trustworthy gold & item shop which has been working for over fifteen years. 



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