Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons - Important Things You Need to Know

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    With Lost Ark now gaining popularity, everything in the game seems to be in focus, and chaos dungeons are no exception. Today I would like to introduce the chaos dungeons and how you can make a huge amount of progress for a lot less work than the people grinding chaos dungeons normally. So let's get started.



    Introduction to Chaos Dungeon

    Chaos Dungeon is an endgame activity in lost ark. It can be embarked on solo or with up to four players. And it is the best way to find and collect most of the valuable loot, and you can exchange the looted rare materials to trade them off to earn Lost Ark Gold. In a chaos dungeon, you'll be tasked with slaying monsters to fill a progress gauge in five-minute intervals. After defeating enough monsters, you will open a portal to a new zone and reset your timer. Fill the progress gauge without running out of time to complete the chaos dungeon. Simple as it is, chaos dungeons is one of the most accessible and rewarding activities you can do in lost ark. This will be the primary source of upgrade materials for weapons, armor, and gems for casual players. Chaos dungeons also offer hardcore players a direct way to earn engravings, jewels, gems, and tickets to access the Cube Endgame event.



    Unlock Chaos Dungeons

    You need to complete the world quests located at North Vern to finish the quest chain. It will be unlocked upon reaching level 50 and completing the quest "Ealyn's Request" in North Vern. You'll need to complete some side quests as you level up, as you can't start this quest chain until you reach level 50, and just completing the story content isn't enough to reach level 50. When you reach level 50 for the first time, your account will receive a Vern Powerpass token, allowing you to level up your alternative character directly to level 50. It also unlocks this quest. If you plan to make multiple characters in lost ark, you'd better use Vern Powerpass on your first alternate character.


    Once you've done the above, you can go to any densely populated hub town to find this symbol:


    Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon Statue


    This chaos dungeon Statue allows you to queue up for a chaos dungeon. You can try them out alone, with a few friends, or matchmake with other players. Each chaos dungeon has item-level requirements and levels associated with it. You cannot run a dungeon if your item level is lower than the one listed. Make sure you've completed all daily quests and upgraded your items to unlock additional chaos dungeons and other endgame activities.



    Grind Chaos Dungeons Efficiently

    Begin by entering the highest level chaos dungeon you can do; the first stage is simple. As soon as the progress bar hits 16 or you see the blue portal spawn, you can stop killing monsters and immediately take the portal to the second stage.


    During the second stage, you want to focus on killing the elite monsters by grouping them up and then using your awakening right off the bat. You will have your awakening refreshed by the time the main boss spawns, so keep killing monsters while focusing on the elite ones. As soon as the main boss spawns, use your awakening again to quickly dispose of him.


    Now right here is where you stop. If you see a blue portal, leave the dungeon and re-enter.


    Lost Ark Blue Portal


    If you see a gold or red portal, go inside, do the special instance, then leave and re-enter.


    Why do you leave now? It is because doing the third stage of the chaos dungeon takes way too long, and it doesn't drop anywhere near the items you get from the first stages. The first two stages take me an average of 1 minute and 47 seconds to clear. On my item level, these are the average items I received.


    Lost Ark  First Two Stages Item


    The third stage takes me an average of 2 minutes and 20 seconds to clear. This third stage takes longer than the first and second combined, and these are the average items I received.


    Lost Ark Third Stage Items


    You can clear two runs of the first two stages of a chaos dungeon faster than clearing a full chaos dungeon. By this information now, it should be really clear that doing the full dungeon is actually not worth it, and not only that, you are also increasing your chance of a red portal since you'll be entering the chaos dungeon twice as much.



    That's all about the chaos dungeons in lost ark. If this guide is helpful to you, stay tuned to our website for more news. If you need gold, we also have promotions from time to time, and thus you can buy cheap Lost Ark Gold by enjoying great discounts.


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