Low-Level Cheesy Mist Mage Build - (Darks Souls 3)

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    Build Overview

    Pestilent Mist (formerly called Pestilent Mercury) is a sorcery that deals constant damage to any target within the cloud of haze that is expelled after casting, including the player who called it forth. It inflicts damage proportionate to a target's max HP, meaning that bosses and other tough foes are especially susceptible to it, making this spell an ideal way to cheese adversaries. Since it only requires 30 Intelligence to use, many Intelligence builds, especially early-game ones, can make great use of this after acquiring the spell from Orbeck of Vinheim.


    PVP Tips

    After half a decade since the game's release, players who see this dank fog know to steer well clear of it, and since many PvP areas are located in spacious regions, it will be next to impossible to hurt human foes sufficiently with Pestilent Mist. While great predictive casting can envelop enemies in the deadly mist for a second or two, this is usually not even enough to make them heal, so this spell should only be used for applying pressure and not to actually take anyone down directly.


    PVE Tips

    As this build is specifically designed to take down bosses easily, players won't find many of their fights with bigger foes that challenging. However, every other type of PvE conflict will be more challenging, as smaller and faster enemies may be able to avoid one's corrosive mist cloud. This is especially true in open areas, which will force players to think outside the box when getting past certain obstacles.



    Soul Level: 30 (or higher)

    Vigor: 9

    Attunement: 16

    Endurance: 9

    Vitality: 7

    Strength: 7

    Dexterity: 12

    Intelligence: 30

    Faith: 7

    Luck: 12


    ² Equipment

    Right hand: 8

    Izalith Staff +5

    Buy Izalith Staff-(MAX UPGRADED)-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Left hand: 8

    Sacred Bloom Shield

    Buy Sacred Bloom Shield-(MAX UPGRADED)-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Head: 6

    Black Witch Hat

    Buy Black Witch Hat-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Chest: 6

    Black Witch Garb

    Buy Black Witch Garb-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Arms: 6

    Black Witch Wrappings

    Buy Black Witch Wrappings-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Legs: 6

    Black Witch Trousers

    Buy Black Witch Wrappings-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Ring 1: 8

    Sage's Ring +2

    Buy Sage Ring +2 -(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Ring 2: 8

    Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +2

    Buy Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +2 -(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Ring 3: 3

    Dusk Crown Ring

    Buy Dusk Crown Ring-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Ring 4: 10

    Ring of Favor +3

    Buy Ring of Favor +3 -(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds

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