Magicka Dragonknight Solo Build for ESO Ascending Tide

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    In the upcoming Update 33 of The Elder Scrolls Online, Dragonknights are getting a huge buff to one of their best abilities – Burning Embers, making the Dragonknights much stronger. If you want to be a Dragonknight and play solo, this is the guide for you because Brah We Got This shows you how to hit hard and survive easily as a Dragonknight. Don't forget that you can improve your character easily with a professional ESO gold store's help.




    Put 64 points into Magicka 


    Maximum Magicka: 33663

    Maximum Health: 21442

    Maximum Stamina: 18075


    Magicka Recovery: 1444

    Health Recovery: 419

    Stamina Recovery: 604


    Spell Damage 2593

    Spell Critical: 40.4%

    Spell Penetration: 7274


    Weapon Damage: 2593

    Weapon Critical: 40.4%

    Physical Penetration 7274


    Spell Resistance: 14233

    Critical Resistance: 1320


    Physical Resistance: 9151


    Race: High Elf

    High Elf gives a 2K stat boost to Max Magicka and Weapon and Spell Damage by 258, allowing you to output more DPS and sustain in long fights.


    Mundus Stone: The Thief

    You can choose The Thief for more critical chance, but you can also use The Lover for more Penetration and The Shadow for Critical Damage. For the base game, you can pick up these three Mundus Stones in the Zones below, or you can find them in your Guild Hall.


    •    The Thief: Malabal Tor, Alik'r Desert, East March

    •    The Shadow: Greeshade, Rivenspire, Shadowfen

    •    The Lover: Auridon, Stonefalls, Glenumbra


    Food: Longfin Pasty with Melon Sauge or Crown Fortifying Meal


    Armor Sets







    Weapon 1





    Weapon 2

    The Maelstrom's Inferno Staff



    Absorb Magicka





    Max Magicka





    Max Magicka


    False God's Devotion



    Max Magicka


    False God's Devotion



    Max Magicka


    False God's Devotion



    Max Magicka


    False God's Devotion



    Max Magicka


    False God's Devotion



    Max Magicka





    Magicka Recovery


    False God's Devotion is a set you can get from the normal version of the Sunspire Trial. With this set, you will kill many enemies and get a speed boost. It also restores your Magicka and reduces the cost of your Magicka abilities. 


    Iceheart is a Monster set that allows you to crit a lot, and you can get it from the Veteran version of the Direfrost Keep dungeon. 


    Briarheart is a farmable Overland set obtained in Wrothgar, and you can also buy it from the Guild Trader with gold. You'll want to put Briarheart on the front-bar weapon and jewelry slots, and the jewelry doesn't have to be a gold-quality one. Briarheart increases your Critical Chance and Maximum Stamina, and when you deal Critical Damage, you will receive health. 


    Your back bar weapon will be The Maelstrom's Inferno Staff from the Maelstrom Arena, and you can do the normal version if you like. With two items of this set, your Light and Heavy Attacks deal an additional 1353 damage to enemies in your Wall of Elements.


    Alternative Sets

    If you don't have Briarheart, you could use Hexos' Ward because it grants you another damage shield when you do Critical Damage. 


    You can use the Willpower weapons if you don't have The Maelstrom Inferno Staff. Willpower will give you 1752 Maximum Magicka when slotted on the back bar.


    If you need help on healing, you can swap one of the jewelry pieces for the Ring of the Pale Order and then either put another piece of Briarheart on the shoulders or take off Briarheart completely and use Hexo's Ward for the extra shield. 


    Gear Progression

    At level 3, you can pay attention to Law of Julianos, Twilight's Embrace, and Mother's Sorrow.


    •    Law of Julianos: Requires 6 Traits to Craft

    •    Twilight's Embrace: Requires 3 Traits to Craft

    •    Mother's Sorrow: Deshaan/Guild Traders


    Law of Julianos and Twilight's Embrace are Craftable sets, but you are not able to craft things for yourself at level 3, so if someone else can craft any of those for you, that would be fantastic. If not, it doesn't matter. As you reach level 50 in ESO, you should be able to make some of the Crafted sets. You can also buy some of the best Craftable ESO sets with real money, saving you a lot of time and effort.


    As you go through the game and get to City of Ash 1 dungeon, you can start to a few Burning Spellweave pieces, or you can farm Mother's Sorrow in Deshaan. 


    Once you have a full set of each of those four sets at CP 160, you can start farming for Briarheart or Hexos' Ward. Once you get either of the two sets, you could go for Iceheart and, after you get Iceheart, you could do a Trial in Sunspire for the False God's Devotion. You can do the Trial at CP 160, but it is recommended to have at least a full armor set up before doing that.


    Skills and Passives


    Front Bar


    Force Pulse

    Force Pulse will do tons of damage in an AoE setting, and this can be used in every trash pull.


    Burning Embers

    Burning Embers is a great DoT, and it will get buffed in the upcoming Update 33. That means you will heal for 100% of the damage done with this ability, and it's instant, making it a skill that you want to primarily put on an enemy as a DoT and leave it. But if you need to heal, you can spam this to get your health back.


    Coagulating Blood

    Coagulating Blood heals you for a massive amount, and it also gives you a Major Fortitude, increasing your Health Recovery by 30% for 20 seconds.


    Unrelenting Grip

    Unrelenting Grip will be your main single-target spammable on this build. This skill will pull enemies that can be pulled, which is helpful in trash fights. This skill is also great for spamming because if a target cannot be pulled, you restore 100% of the ability's cost as Magicka. That means you can use this on bosses as a single-target spammable, and it's very easy to weave into your rotation.



    While slotted, this skill gives you Major Prophecy and Savagery, increasing your Spell and Weapon Critical. Cauterize is also a HoT, so you can pop and have it heal you in fights.


    Standard of Might (Ultimate)

    Standard of Might is your MVP Ultimate as a Dragonknight. The skill increases your damage done and reduces damage taken by 15%, and it also debuffs the enemies.


    Back Bar

    Unstable Wall of Fire

    Unstable Wall of Fire is a massive AoE and DoT.



    Eruption is another massive damage over time skill and AoE. This skill does so much damage and slows enemies.


    Igneous Weapons

    Igneous Weapons gives Weapon and Spell damage boost by 20% for 54 seconds as it provides Major Brutality and Sorcery. 


    Volatile Armor

    Volatile Armor gives you Major Resolve, which increases your Physical and Spell Resistance, and you can do a ton of damage around you, making it another nice DoT you can put on enemies.


    Engulfing Flames

    Engulfing Flames is a DoT, but it also enhances all of your other flame abilities and helps them do more damage. 


    Shooting Star (Ultimate)

    Shooting Star is a solid Ultimate, and it's going to do tons of damage in the area. Since you generate 12 Ultimate for each enemy hit by the initial blast, it's great to do this in big trash pulls so that you can get your Ultimate back pretty quickly.


    Progression of Skills

    When you are at level 3, you're going to equip the first skill of every Class skill line and the Burning Embers as soon as it unlocks.


    For the Ardent Flame skill line, you want to level up all the skills in it quickly because you'll need every single one of these skills. What you can do is to have Molten Whip and Burning Embers, Volatile Armor, and Stonefist (until you unlock Igneous Weapon) on the Front bar and equip Coagulating Blood when you unlock it.


    When you have the second bar, you can put some more Ardent Flame skills to level them up. Once you have lots of Ardent Flame skills, you can start switching some for Earthen Heart skills so you can unlock Eruption.


    For the Destruction Staff line, just have the Force Pulse and the Unstable Wall equipped. You don't have to worry much about it because you will level this line passively by using a Destruction Staff.



    You will need every single ability in the skill lines of the Class (Arden Flame, Draconic Power, and Earthen Heart), Destruction Staff, Light Armor, Undaunted Guild, Racial, and Mages Guild (optional).



    Rotation for AoE Setting

    Igneous Weapon → Wall of Elements → Eruption → Engulfing Flames → Volatile Armor

    Switch Bars

    Burning Embers → Force Pulse (Spammable) 

    Keep weaving light attack and Force Pulse

    Switch Bars and repeat the buffs/DoTs when needed


    Rotation for Single Target

    Igneous Weapon → Wall of Elements → Eruption → Engulfing Flames → Volatile Armor

    Switch Bars

    Burning Embers → Unrelenting Grip (Spammable) 

    Keep weaving light attack and Unrelenting Grip


    If you need to heal during the fight, you can use Coagulation Blood and Cauterize as needed.


    Champion Point Distribution


    Slottable Stars: Fighting Finess, Deadly Aim, Bitting Aura, Thaumaturge

    Magicka Dragonknight Solo Build for ESO p2 Warfare tree CP Distribution



    Slottable Stars: Rejuvenation, Survival Instincts, Bloody Renewal, Sustained by Suffering 

    Magicka Dragonknight Solo Build for ESO p2 Fitness tree CP Distribution



    The CP distribution on the Craft Tree is up to you.


    That is the solo build for Dragonknight. Brah We Got This will make builds for all the classes, so be sure to subscribe to his channel for more powerful builds. You can also bookmark our news page for more ESO tips and tricks.


    The Elder Scrolls Online's brand new DLC – Ascending Tide, will be released on March 14th, 2022, along with Update 33. People can get DLC by purchasing in the Crown Store or having ESO Plus. But for those who may not know, you can also buy cheap gold from one of the best MMO gold sites and trade the gold for Crowns, a premium currency used in the Crown Store for various items and services, including DLC.

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