Moonlight Greatsword Mage Build - (Darks Souls 3)

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    Build Overview

    Renowned for being one of the only DS3 greatswords meant for Intelligence builds, the Moonlight Greatsword is understandably an awesome choice for mages, as it possesses great stats that give spellcasters a solid melee weapon. Combining the usage of this legendary blade with reliable sorceries is a top-tier combo that any aspiring Intelligence build can take advantage of.


    PVP Tips

    Due to the iconic nature of the blade, everyone will know exactly what to expect when the player shows up with it in hand. This can make landing strikes difficult as the opponent will be able to predict one's attacks with relative ease, therefore one will likely have to open up an assault with a spell to throw the enemy off. Quick sorceries like Great Farron Dart can provide sufficient guerilla tactics to force the adversary into making a mistake that one can capitalize on with a Moonlight Greatsword combo.


    PVE Tips

    The Moonlight Greatsword is a classic weapon choice for Intelligence builds throughout many FromSoftware games. As one of the few great weapons that scale this well with Intelligence, it's always a fun addition to an otherwise ranged attack-heavy playstyle. Though, with that said, the weapon skill of the Moonlight Greatsword can allow it to be effective at mid-ranged attacks as well if the user can line up their strike properly.



    Soul Level: 120

    Vigor: 40

    Attunement: 24

    Endurance: 30

    Vitality: 12

    Strength: 21

    Dexterity: 18

    Intelligence: 60

    Faith: 7

    Luck: 12


    ² Equipment

    Right hand: 8

    Moonlight Greatsword +5

    Buy Moonlight Greatsword-(MAX UPGRADED)-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Left hand: 8

    Court Sorcerer's Staff +10

    Buy Court Sorcerer's Staff-(MAX UPGRADED)-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Head: 6

    Crown of Dusk

    Buy Crown of Dusk-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Chest: 6

    Antiquated Plain Garb

    Buy Antiquated Plain Garb-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Arms: 6

    Violet Wrappings

    Buy Violet Wrappings-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Legs: 6

    Loincloth -(The Ringed City)

    Buy Loincloth -(The Ringed City)-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Ring 1: 3

    Prisoner's Chain

    Buy Prisoner's Chain-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Ring 2: 3

    Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring

    Buy Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Ring 3: 3

    Young Dragon Ring

    Buy Young Dragon Ring-(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds


    Ring 4: 8

    Sage's Ring +2

    Buy Sage Ring +2 -(DarkSouls3) - FarmGolds

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