New World Patch 1.2 Winter Convergence Festival Shop Guide

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    New World Patch 1.2 Winter Convergence Festival has begun, which brings the beautiful world in the snow and various mysterious gifts. The premium winter tokens get the best rewards. And there are a lot of things to do and especially a lot of goodies to obtain. Today, FarmGolds would like to break down those goodies and give you two categories: Nice to Have Category, and Perfectionist Category. We will also show you what is needed to get the winter tokens, and how to get winter tokens, etc.


    Convergence Shop

    We'll talk to this yeti, and we have the shop available for the most part here.




     As you can see, there are quite a few things here.




    We see this blue currency, and we also see a sort of yellow currency, which is going to be the premium winter tokens, and that's what we need to discuss because if you are someone who wants to obtain everything that this special event has to offer, in terms of furniture and all the emotes and goodies, you're going to need quite a lot of these tokens, and these tokens are kind of time-gated in this sort of sense.


    How to Get Tokens



    Most of these tokens come from these little bundles right here.




    You can see this little present pile. This will be lootable once every 24 hours and it seems to be a strict 24-hour cooldown. You would simply pick up the item, and that's going to be rotated in every winter village or yeti village. There are winter villages in Brightwood, Weaver's Fen, Everfall and Monarch's Bluffs. So you can go to each of these villages once every 24 hours and take the bountiful gift. And inside will be winter tokens, sometimes a premium token is kind of RNG depending on what you get.


    The other way to obtain tokens outside of that 24-hour cooldown would be picking up the small little presents, which gives you one per pickup. You can turn in three of them for one winter token, and it takes 25 winter tokens to make one premium token. There are flying presents in the world, and they give about 22 presents each.



    The next way to acquire tokens is towns. If you see a town, and it can be owned and claimed by somebody, you can visit that town's Trees of Light, and pick up a token box. It's going to have tokens inside and depending on the level of the Trees of Light within the town, which can be upgraded through the town board, that box can be better or worse. I've received premium tokens sometimes from these boxes. So it's going to be very important to go ahead and pick those up. These are all 24-hour cooldowns. In total that's going to give you 15 pickups, and each of those would give you about 125 rep, so getting reputations is probably easy.


    Gleamite Meteor

    If you look up in the sky, you will see the aurora and stars. At night time, there are random meteor crashes in different areas. So if you're near one of those, go ahead and pick it up. There is a small trick you can do; you can go ahead and use Mealiewrap, which can be purchased in the winter shop, and this will double the number of Gleamite crystals that you gather from that meteor crash, so that will definitely help you out.


    Ten Gleamite crystals will equate to one winter token. So you can just simply go over here to this shop, and check out all the conversion rates if you want.




    And you can always forward and backwards convert premium tokens into winter tokens.


    Two Categories


    Nice To Have

    In my opinion, Nice to Have Category includes the following. In the Holiday Regent, it includes Festive "Toy" Rabbit, Give Present, Winter Wanderer's Cloak and they are all 10 tokens. I would strongly recommend getting the Swords (Swords has 15 stats), and Shield (Shield has 15 stats), mainly the Tower Shield (Tower Shield has 25 stats), but I'm not sure if they actually give you that amount of stats in the game. Then you want a set of luck weapons depending on what weapons you use. If you're going to want two of them, it's an extra 10 premium tokens. If you're a Great Axe War Hammer user, you will want to get the War Hammer, and Great Axe, they are 5 tokens each. Make sure you pick those up because that is a nice 2.4% Luck plus a Socket, which you can put a pearl in to further increase your Luck. So these are very good weapons for those who do not already have some sort of big luck weapon.



    You're going to need 92 premium tokens total for the perfectionist category. I'm just going for all of the furniture. Each of these is going to cost 1 to 2 premium tokens. We will get a Rabt Sculpture (5 tokens), Dining Table (3 tokens) and a chandelier (5 tokens). And then we will get the Stag Sculpture (10 tokens), and a Snowcapped Bed (10 tokens). So it's 92 premium tokens because we are also including the "Toy" rabbit and the Winter Wanderer's Cloak and luck weapons.


    And then we're going to have an additional 30 winter tokens, and that's just for completionist to get all the recipe patterns. So you can kind of create these sort of holiday-themed gear in the future if you choose so.



    If you want to learn more about this topic, you can check Sethphir's video, and he has more suggestions on this. In addition, most content of this article also comes from him. Although this event will end on 2022.1.11, you still have enough time to do it well and get what you want. What we provide to you today is just some advice, and you can still do it at your own pace. In any case, we hope you can have a wonderful Winter Convergence Festival.



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