Path of Exile 3.17 News and Predictions

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    Dear exiles, GGG has launched the 3.17 league teaser a few days ago, but it's quite the drought of news. So today, FarmGolds will grasp onto the new teaser for some news and speculations.


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    2. Date:

    Livestream Announcement: on January 27th at 11 am (PST).

    Expansion Launch Date: on February 4th (PST) on PC and on February 9th (PST) on consoles.


    3. New Endgame Boss

    Before we get into it, we know if you played Path of Exile over the past year, the atlas expansion we were given was the one with the Maven. The Maven is an eldritch being that has come to watch us and be entertained by us, but she is not the only eldritch being. She might be the first to enter our realms. For the NPC called Envoy saying "They are coming," - she is not the only one; there are more.


    poe NPC Envoy


    What we see in the 3.17 league endgame is probably the next Maven. It might not be the only boss. We might be getting a few new bosses or something like that, but usually, with an atlas expansion like this, it's one type of boss, one type of being. It looks very eldritch. You've got these kinds of eldritch horror themes and tentacles everywhere.


    4. The Atlas

    There is a flash of the atlas symbol itself, like a sundial or a moon dial type of situation happening right here. So this is obviously hinting at something that will be happening to the atlas itself. Some sort of new end game way to manipulate the atlas like we've had atlas passives before or other things as well.


    poe 3.17 the atlas


    5. The Boss's Appearance

    It looks like the boss is diving down and coming towards us. You can see a jellyfish head, the mouth, the glowing eyes, the massive tentacle wings, and it's going to be a very interesting boss. This is like a subordinate of Maven or hierarchical things.


    poe 3.17 endgame boss


    6. Item Socket

    You can see the arcs of the Maven, the crescents, and the kind of maven orb, so that's definitely Maven right there. We also see many little circles happening here, just like types of slots that you can put maps into, and you can maybe alter the specific maps themselves within the atlas. It looks like the type of circle that you would socket either a map or just more watch stone stuff happening, but if they just keep doing watch stone stuff, it's going to be a little bit strange. There are lots of holes of that right there and massive orbs of what look like eldritch tentacles all bundled up into a big round ball.


    poe 3.17 Item Socket

    poe 3.17 Item Socket 2


    7. Sea Themed

    At the end of the trailer, we see "Siege of the Atlas" with some nice blue tentacles and a sea behind it, so this league very much could be taking place inshore.


    That's all news and predictions we could find for you. There's only a week away from the 3.17 league, and please stay tuned for more news that we will share with you. Welcome to farmgolds.com to buy PoE orbs like Exalted Orbs and Chaos Orbs to make your path funny.

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