Path of Exile: Endless Delve Tips and Builds

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    The Path of Exile Endless Delve event is in full force. Today FarmGolds will share endless delve tips and skill builds with you. You can read this post or watch Badger's video linked at the bottom of this article to learn details.




    Endless Delve Tips:

    1. Destroying corpses is amazingly powerful, just like in the normal Path of Exile.

    Utilizing bleed pops from gladiator, occultist profane bloom, etc., adds a big layer of survivability due to some deadly on-death effects at times. There's some really nasty kind of ice mob on-death effects. You can even freeze and shatter mobs that work as well.


    2. Boss damage is not very important in this event if you want to go very deep.

    Although damage is important, it's not absolutely mandatory for you to have the best boss damage you possibly can. You want to focus more on your clearing and move speed both at the same time with whatever skills you're doing. Some skills like blade vortex, righteous fire, toxic rain, plague bearer, cold dot, and corrupting fever are all s-tier clearing skills.


    3. If you want to RACE, be considerate that the demigods' prizes are ascendancy-based.

    What that means is though gladiator might be the most popular, you might consider going a very underrated ascendancy for an easier time getting in the top 5!


    4. Phasing is pretty much a MUST.

    In delve, getting stuck in packs of monsters can spell certain death, so using a quartz flask, specking into phasing on the tree, or just playing raider (nice) is pretty vital to your survival.


    5. Loot filters are quite important.

    Because this is entirely delve, you can filter out things that will be of no use, such as maps. It will just be clutter on the ground you don't need. There is a loot filter yoinked from reddit if you are lazy and don't want to make your own.


    6. Any ascendancy that gives good resistance (cough chieftain) is amazing due to not having access to easy capping through the bench crafts.

    Consider making sure you are capped for the next kitava curse as soon as you can before it happens (-30% at level 40, -60% at level 70). My tip is to try to be 30% overcapped at level 35 and 60% overcapped at level 65.




    Recommended Builds for Each Ascendancy:

    These are not necessarily the best builds for each ascendancy, and these are just suggestions to you for builds that I think will be fun and relatively strong in this endless delve.


    Elementalist: Blade vortex dual or triple herald

    Necromancer: Spellslinger DD/VD (we don't have access to trigger, but it's still great, can also do selfcast DD)

    Occultist: Vortex Cold Dot (or wintertide brand) - CI or Poison BV, poison concoction

    Assassin: Poison BV (can turn in obliteration cards now, easy money)

    Trickster: ED/contagion

    Saboteur: Phys traps (exsanguinate/seismic), or icicle mine

    Raider: TR

    Deadeye: Icicle mines, TR, Ice shot

    Pathfinder: Poison BV, Poisonous concoction

    Gladiator: CF exsanguinate slinger

    Slayer: Phys cyclone

    Champion: Shattering steel, lancing steel, shield crush/shield charge impale, spectral helix

    Chieftain: BV fire conversion

    Juggernaut: HoaG for depth, LS for speed? Maybe

    Berserker: Sheild crush generals cry, rage vortex

    Hierophant: storm brand, arma brand, brands are good

    Inquisitor: Storm Brand (not too HC viable but very good), RF

    Guardian: Dom Blow

    Ascendant: Reap/Exsanguinate slinger


    That's all about the tips, and you can subscribe to Badger's channel if you like his video. Welcome to FarmGolds.com to buy PoE Currency like Exalted Orb to make your character strong.


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