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    Dear exile, hot news! A few days ago, GGG released more information about the December events 2021, including Endless Delve, Endless Heist, Atlas Invasion, and Delirium Everywhere. Now FarmGolds will discuss what each event is and everything you need to know to participate in the fun. Let's get into it.




    This post is for those who are still unsure about the December events. Typically at the end of each league, GGG likes to host these mini week-long events. They're not full-length leagues with content updates, but instead, each event has a twist that has a very immediate impact on your Path of Exile experience. These events are always a lot of fun, and some of them turn out to be quite challenging. And apart from that, there are always prizes up for grabs for achieving certain goals within each league.



    1. Endless Delve

    The first event happening in less than a day is Endless Delve. As the name implies, you will be able to delve infinitely without any Sulphite costs. The mine gets scaled down to level 1, and you will start at the first node with your level 1 character. Each class does have access to a few starter uniques, some of which are very powerful. As you level periodically, you'll gain extra skill points to make up for the side quests you can't do because you can't leave delve. And at a certain point, you will also get your ascendancy points. You will not need to go to the lab to gain any ascendancy points, and they will be given to you. Important note - you cannot change your ascendancy after selecting it. This is just so that people can't level as a specific ascendancy and swap ascendancies last minute to win free prizes, so take care about that one. Important this time, there is an NPC that'll sell you skill gems, and that'll also take in all your div cards if you manage to collect a full set.




    Unfortunately, we won't have access to the crafting bench in this one. Like the previous Endless Delve, this event will also be voided. This means that all the PoE items and the character you've played throughout the event will all get deleted at the end. Not moved to standard, they will get permanently deleted. In previous Endless Delves, it was already quite challenging to get past certain depths and with all the changes to delve. I'm excited to see how difficult the Endless Delve will be in this league.



    2. Endless Heist

    The second event will be Endless Heist. You will permanently be locked in the Rogue Harbour, and you'll only be allowed to leave to run Contracts and Blueprints to make heist infinite though they have changed contracts to no longer cost any Rogue Markers. So initially, your character will start with two level 1 contracts in their inventory, and display cases at the end of heists will guarantee to drop another contract. And sometimes, enemies within the heist themselves also have a chance of dropping contracts. Contract level scales off your character level, so the higher level your character is, the higher level contracts you'll drop. If you do run out of contracts, there will be an NPC in the rogue harbour that'll be able to sell you contracts, so you don't break your infinite heisting. And from level 50 onwards, contract display cases have a chance at dropping blueprints for grand heists. Although contracts themselves are free, I do believe that grand heists would either have to be paid for and coined and unveiled for you to be able to do the grand heists.




    The leveling and ascendancies work the same as endless delve, where at certain thresholds, you get your ascendancy points and additional skill point levels. And you also start with the same set of uniques as an endless delve. Unfortunately, as with endless delve, this event is also voided, and there is no crafting bench accessible to you.



    3. Atlas Invasion

    Event number three is Atlas Invasion. This is more like the normal PoE experience where you'll have to level a character, do your labs, and set up Atlas with one important twist. Each area you enter will contain five additional bosses. These bosses are endgame map bosses and can be any boss that can be witnessed by the Maven. That means these aren't just restricted to map-specific bosses. You can find any boss that can be witnessed for any invitation in any zone throughout the campaign or on any map. Killing these bosses does guarantee a unique drop, so they should be quite rewarding to do. Unfortunately, as with all the other events, this event is also voided.





    4. Delirium Everywhere

    The fourth and final event is Delirium Everywhere, meaning every area you enter will have Delirium. The difficulty of the Delirium will range randomly from 1% to 100% delirious, meaning that some zones in the campaign might be very hard to do. The drops of the delirium rewards are the same as usual, and they can still drop Simulacrum splinters meaning that you could complete a simulacrum and run a simulacrum if you want to. To avoid zone refresh spamming with control click, each zone will have the same percentage of Delirium when you open a new instance, but the rewards will be random each time you enter a new instance. They also say they've tried to tone down the intensity in certain campaign zones where you have important boss fights to do, but we'll have to wait and see how much they tone down the delirium experience.





    That's currently all the information about the events. If you're still undecided as to whether you want to play the event or not, I do recommend you give them a try. You can only play these events once every year, and some of these events might never be available again. So, in my opinion, give it a go. I'm pretty sure you're going to enjoy it. And welcome to FarmGolds.com to buy PoE currency to enhance your character for the coming events.


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