PoE Builds 3.16: SRS Summon Raging Spirits Build - Necromancer Witch

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    Dear exiles, this week's Path of Exile build is about SRS Summon Raging Spirits Build - Necromancer Witch.






    Look for these mods on rare items

    - Minion Damage

    - Elemental Resistances

    - Life

    - Dexterity


    Mandatory Uniques

    Fleshcrafter image.png

    - This armour is mandatory because it causes your minions to ignore enemies' elemental resistances.


    The Devouring Diadem image.png

    - This helmet is mandatory because it grants Eldritch Battery saving 5 passive skill points.

    - It also grants up to 176 energy shield and 25% increased mana reservation efficiency (needed to activate all auras)

    - This helmet might be a little expensive during the first weeks of a new league. If that's your case, use The Brine Crown or any energy shield helmet with life and resistances. But remember that you'll need to pick Eldritch Battery on your passive tree.

    - Without this helmet, you won't be able to activate your Anger aura. So keep this aura deactivated while you save the currency of Path of Exile to buy it.


    Mandatory Rings





    - At least 30 dexterity.

    - At least 50 Life.



    - You need 2 unset rings for this build.

    - If you can, get them with dexterity and life.


    Recommended Uniques

    - Triad Grip

    - Femurs of the Saints

    - Darkness Enthroned


    Rare Staff





    - At least +3 to the level of fire gems

    - At least 80% minion damage



    - It would be good if you get a staff like this.


    Recommended Flasks

    - Divine Life Flask

    - Quicksilver Flask

    - Silver Flask

    - Quartz Flask

    - Rumi's Concoction


    Gameplay Gear






    Summon Raging Spirit – Minion Damage – Multistrike – Melee Splash / Elemental Damage with Attacks – Unleash – Increased Critical Damage


    - Start forming a 4L with Minion Damage, Multistrike, and Melee Splash.

    - Then grab a 5 or 6L staff and add Unleash and Increased Critical Damage.

    - When facing bosses, you can replace Melee Splash with Elemental Damage with Attacks. This gem swap will grant more single target damage.



    Arcanist Brand – Assassin's Mark – Desecrate – Flesh Offering – Dash – Second Wind


    - This brand is for bosses. It'll cast Desecrate and Flesh Offering for minion attack speed buff. It also curses them with Assassin's Mark for critical chance and multiple for your minions.

    - Dash is a great movement skill.

    - This body armour does not need to be fully linked. The links you need are:

    Arcanist Brand – Assassin's Mark – Desecrate – Flesh Offering

     Dash – Second Wind



    Hatred – Anger – Summon Skitterbots – Generosity


    - Hatred grants more cold damage to your minions.

    - Anger grants more fire damage to your minions.

    - Skitterbots will keep shocking and chilling enemies for more damage and survivability.



    Steelskin – Vaal Haste – Vitality – Increased Duration


    - Steelskin grants a shield that absorbs damage. Put it in your left-click shortcut, so you'll cast while walking.

    - Vaal Haste grants a temporary attack speed buff to your minions. Use it on bosses.

    - Vitality grants a lot of life regeneration per second.



    Raise Spirit – Feeding Frenzy – Minion Life – Lifetap


    - We're also using Carnage and Host Chieftains for this build. They grant frenzy and power charges for you and your minions.

    - You just need to go to "The Old Fields" in act 2 and "The Ashen Fields" in act 7. Cast Desecrate until you find the right corpses (Carnage Chieftain in act 2 and Host Chieftain in act 7)

    - Then raise them as spectres, 2 Carnage and 1 Host.




    Look for these mods on rare jewels:

    - Minion Damage

    - Cast Speed

    - Maximum Life

    - Dexterity


    Abyss Jewel





    - Increased minion damage if you've used a minion skill recently.

    - Minions deal additional physical damage.



    - A jewel with these mods is the best you can get for this build.





    - Increased minion damage if you've used a minion skill recently.

    - Minions blind on hit.



    - When gathering your jewels, get at least one that causes your minions to blind enemies on hit for more survivability.


    Skill Tree




    Major God: Lunaris

    Minor God: Garukhan






    This build has a super easy leveling process. It is beginner-friendly.



    - Use Fireball until level 4.

    - Get your Summon Raging Spirits when you reach level 4 and the sky is the limit.


    Leveling setup of links:

    - The first skill you'll get is Fireball. Use it until level 4.

    - As soon as you reach the first town, get Raise Zombies as your quest reward.

    - Use it as your secondary skill.

    - Reaching level 4, replace Fireball with Summon Raging Spirits.

    - Reaching level 8, support Summon Raging Spirits with Added Fire Damage, Minion Damage and Melee Splash.

    - Also on level 8, support your Raise Zombies with Minion Damage.

    - Reaching level 10, you can use a skeleton totem for extra boss damage.

    - Also on level 10, activate Clarity for more mana regeneration.

    - Reaching level 16, activate Summon Skitterbots for more damage and survivability.

    - You can also activate Vitality for more life regeneration.

    - Reaching level 18, replace Added Fire Damage with Melee Physical Damage on your Summon Raging Spirits setup.

    - Also on level 18, support your zombies with Minion Life and Melee Physical Damage. On our skeleton totem, add Melee Physical Damage when you reach level 18.

    - Reaching level 38, replace Melee Physical Damage with Multistrike on your Summon Raging Spirits setup.

    - Reaching level 59, you can equip your Femurs of the Saints and start using the main SRS setup.

    - On level 59, if you have The Devouring Diadem, replace Clarity with Hatred and Anger.


    Recommended PoE Items

    - Tabula Rasa

    - Lochtonial Caress

    - Goldrim

    - Lifesprig

    - Wanderlust

    - Asenath's Mark

    - Praxis

    - Earendel's Embrace


    That's all of this build, and I hope this can help you a lot. Welcome to FarmGolds.com to buy Exalted Orb and Chaos Orb to enjoy your path!


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