Six More Powerful Unique Items in Diablo 2 Resurrected

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    There are many kinds of important items in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Unique Items is one of them. In the previous article, we covered 8 Powerful Unique Items. Today we will share 6 more.




    1.Highlord’s Wrath

    +1 To All Skills

    +20% Increased Attack Speed

    + (0.375 Per Character Level) 0-37% Deadly Strike (Based On Character Level)

    Lightning Resist +35%

    Adds 1-30 Lightning Damage

    Attacker Takes Lightning Damage Of 15

    It’s a high-level amulet. The unique feature of it is its chance of Deadly Strike. If the level of the character is high enough and the equipment is appropriate, then players will have a higher chance of dealing double damage for each attack.


    2. Razortail

    +120-150% Enhanced Defense

    +15 Defense

    +10 To Maximum Damage

    +15 To Dexterity

    Piercing Attack (33)

    Attacker Takes Damage of (1 Per Character Level) 1-99 (Based On Character Level)

    It’s the best in Slot for Amazon. The 33% Pierce Attack is easy for an Amazon to reach 100% Piercing Attack, which makes this Belt a must-have.


    3. War Traveler

    +150-190% Enhanced Defense

    25% Faster Run/Walk

    +10 To Vitality

    +10 To Strength

    30-50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

    Adds 15-25 Damage

    25% Faster Run/Walk

    They are one of the best pairs of boots in D2R. Their high Magic Find, damage and large reduction to Stamina drain make them sought after.


    4. Raven Frost

    +150-250 To Attack Rating

    +15-20 To Dexterity

    +40 To Mana

    Adds 15-45 Cold Damage

    Cannot Be Frozen

    Cold Absorb 20%

    It’s a ring very suited for melee classes. When combined with gear such as Medusa’s Gaze, it can help players build up an excellent defense against Cold attacks. And it has a very important feature: Cannot be Frozen.


    5. Wisp Projector

    Lightning Absorb 10-20%

    10% Chance To Cast Level 16 Lightning On Striking

    10-20% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

    It’s a rare unique ring. The Lightening of Absorb is extremely useful. Players can combine it with Thundergod’s Vigor to get their lightning resistance up. Then players are not only immune to lightning damage, lightning damage can also heal them. And its Magic Find is also very useful.


    6. Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band

    +1 To All Skills

    + (0.5 Per Character Level) 0-49 To Life (Based On Character Level)

    3-5% Life Stolen Per Hit

    +50 Maximum Stamina

    It’s a very nice ring like the Stone of Jordan. It offers a fair bonus to life and a skill boost and life leech.


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