TBC Classic Phase 3 Preparation and Investment Guide

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    TBC Classic Phase 2 has started on Sep 15. Guilds are progressing and struggling to form their pieces of gear, but the secret to being successful and rich or staying rich in the further game progression is to take the right action at the right time.




    Blizzard has not yet announced the release date of Phase 3, but we can speculate on a potential release date. Considering Phase 2 did not release until September, Phase 3 is expected to be released in late January or early February 2022.


    Phase 3 will include the Battle for Mount Hyjal (25-man) and Black Temple (25-man) raids, as well as Arena Season 3, which will bring some great action for raiders and PvP gamers. Most players want to prepare everything, including some necessary items. Here FarmGolds, as a professional TBC Classic gold shop, will share with you the best investments for Phase 3.




    1. To Invest in Primals and Void Crystal

    All kinds of Primals are mainly focused on Primal Life and Shadow. Currently, the market is saturated with cheap rivals that aren't much use in current content, thus their prices are dropping. In Phase 3, Primal Shadow and Primal Life will be in high demand, due to Shadow Resistance Gear being crafted from them, and everyone who intends to raid Black Temple will have to have a set of crafts, and the same goes for Void Crystal, as everyone who is stacking Badge of Justice, and it probably is Disenchanting Heroic Epics. For those unfamiliar Shadow Resistance Gear, Void Crystal is needed for Mother Shahraz. Besides, Medallion of Karabor and Night's End will need a couple of crafts. The rest of the Primals will be used in crafting gear from professions, and the pattern for the gear will drop randomly from Black Temple trash mobs.


    2. To Craft Gear from Black Temple Professional Patterns

    All the patterns that drop from Black Temple trash are either Shoulders BoE or Wrist BoP. BoE patterns are crafting BoP gear and vice versa, once they are dropping, people will focus hard on crafting them or selling them. They need all kinds of materials, which are now currently over-farmed. Prices might differ from realm to realm, but nevertheless, doors will increase when the man catches up. Those items include Khorium Bar, Hardened Adamantite Bar, Primal Fire, Felsteel Bar, Primal Air, Heavy Knothide Leather, Wind Scales, Primal Water, Primal Life, Primal Earth, Imbued Netherweave, Primal Mana, Spellcloth and Primal Mooncloth. Of course, some of these items are constantly in need even now due to professional cooldowns or rate consumables, but others aren't.




    3. To Shift Focus from Black Temple to Mount Hyjal

    Battle for Mount Hyjal is the 25-man raid instance in the Caverns of Time. Its difficulty is slightly less than Black Temple. Mobs come in waves, and you need to AoE them down. The best way is to have prototyping with nice survivability and threat balance gear to tank them while everyone else DPS them down besides healers.


    Of course, it's easier to say than do as mobs have different abilities abomination, specifically, they can stun the Tank, and then they sit there and take it from all sides. Free Action Potion comes into play, and helps protect Paladin with drop ability and eases healer's life by a huge margin, especially on high pop realms where there is a lot of gear that trades every week. Proto-dance will demand Free Action Potion by a bucket and drink it like Capri Sun. Another alternative is Destruction Potion, but that is in high demand all the time.


    The different routes you could take is taking on materials needed for Free Action Potion, Blackmouth Oil, and Stranglekelp. Keep in mind that prices will differ regarding what type of realm you're playing on. PvP realm is in high demand, so don't throw it first.




    4. To Invest Time in Leveling Up

    This might not be a money investment, but rather a time investment. Advice for those who are not sitting on a decent amount of TBC Classic gold all the time. In Phase 2, Mages are in high demand, due to high risk, DPS, and thirst for all of Gil's innervation, but in Phase 3, farming Black Temple or Mount Hyjal trash mobs for Heart of Darkness, Mark of the Illidari, and gear items will be a thing.


    Black Temple will need a decent amount of Crowd Control (CC), so Mages are still going to be a thing, but Mount Hyjal requires any kind of DPS and a precedent, so invest your time in leveling up and gearing up, so when the time comes, you will be able to get a spot in the clearing.


    It's important to note that all of these items will be in demand throughout Phase 3, so selling everything right at the start is not the correct option, you can hold on to them and feed the market. As time goes on, some items like Spellcloth or Shadowcloth can be held until Phase 5. That's what I have to advise you, so enjoy Phase 2 now and have fun playing the game.


    All the content is quoted from Volfey'video.



    More exciting content is on the way, and most players can't wait to jump into Phase 3. If you do not have much time on farming TBC gold or leveling up fast, you can buy fast and cheap WoW TBC gold or WoW TBC boost from a reliable site like FarmGolds, which is cited as the best place to buy TBC gold by many players.


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