The Best Guide to Gems in PoE and How to Master Gem Links

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    Path of Exile is an action RPG game that allows players to explore the world and enjoy the quests. Path of Exile offers deep player customization, including the unique armor set and skills. Path of Exile is fun to play but a little complicated as well, and for new players, Path of Exile can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to utilizing skills or using gems.



    The Best Guide to Gems in PoE and How to Master Gem Links



    How You Can Select the Best Gem in Path of Exile

    Today in this guide, we will help you understand the gems in Path of Exile and how you can use them to make your character even more powerful and win the battle against foe.


    Path of Exile offers more than 400 gems. Active skill allows characters to use gems that enhance the current ability of skill. Stocking gems can boost the skill and gear's ability to make players stronger. 


    Making a decision in Path of Exile may be a bit difficult because there are so many different playing styles and talents you can select from based on your personality, and that is what is fun about PoE. Gems play a crucial role in Path of Exile. In Path of Exile, getting gems is not tricky.


    Initially, you will get the gems when you start the game, but the players get stuck when choosing a gem and using it either for your active skill or to enhance the gears' ability.


    Every gem has unique features, and players can swap the gems from one gear to another or from one skill to another without cost. Before a player decides to use the gems, there are a few rules players have to consider.


    • The color of the gem and sockets should be the same because the player will only use gems on the same color code sockets.


    • Every gem has its initial level, so the character below the gem's required level will not be able to use the gem on any gear or skill. The level of character must be above the gems level or should be equal to it.

    • The stock color and gems should align with the Path of Exile attribute. The red color is the symbol of strength; green is for dexterity, and blue stands for intelligence. 


    While choosing the gem, you must be very careful as you have to socket the gem that completes the requirements. The new players should use the guide while using their first gem. This way, you will save a bunch of your time just searching for what gem works best for you.



    How Do you Get Gems in the Path of Exile?

    In Path of Exile, when the new journey begins, every class is offered different gems according to their league and fighting style. You can use these gems on the first skill or gear you choose to go with your character's gear.


    The easy and effective way to collect the gems is to complete the side quests and other activities. You can also find some rare gems as drop-offs when you kill monsters.


    Mostly action RPG games have the feature of using gems in-game to get an edge over the game. Unfortunately, using gems and getting those gems is slightly different from many other RPG games.


    To acquire gems that work for you in Path of Exile, you must understand their actual purpose and seek out which skill or gears will fit. As every gem has its attribute, and the player must fill the requirements to use that gem. Gems are collected throughout the game.


    There are some rare gems that you can only have when they drop off. It means you have to kill some specific monster or complete some specific quest to get those rare gems.



    How to Master Gem Linking in Path of Exile

    In Path of Exile, class choice matters greatly and can help augment your play style and preferences. As skills are the most defining stuff in Path of Exile, the same is with the gem. However, you must meet the gems attribute requirements to socket the gem. There are over 400 different gems in the game, and more are added with almost every new league. It gives you many different ways to play and many other builds.


    1. Gems Attributes in Path of Exile

    However, based on your class, you might have easier access to specific attributes, and as gems level, the attribute requirements also go up. Hence there will be stages in the game where you cannot level up your gem due to increased attribute requirements. You can also degrade your gem level by selling it to the vendor with one orb of scouring that will drop the level of the gem by 1 level. 


    2. Linking Gems in Path of Exile

    Skill gems can only be placed into the sockets that match the gem's color, except for white sockets that can hold gems of any color.


    You must first insert the skill into the socket on any piece of gear that your character is wearing before the character can use it. Once the gem is socketed, you can place that skill onto your skill bar.


    For a support skill gem to affect an active one, the player must place it in a socket linked to the socket containing that active skill gem.


    Gem needs to be linked accordingly to influence each other and give you an upper hand in the game. The more support gems you have linked to your skill or gear can make your player more powerful. 




    We shared a straightforward way to help you understand the gems in Path of Exile and how you can find and use them to enhance your gameplay. Using gems can be challenging for the first time, but after going through this guide, you will find gems fascinating and easy-to-use items in Path of Exile.


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