The Dark Souls 3 Magic Weapon - Crystal Sage's Rapier

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    The Crystal Sage's Rapier is a rare weapon that can be obtained by defeating the Crystal Sage boss in the Road of Sacrifices area. The weapon has a unique design, with a long, thin blade and a crystal-encrusted hilt. It is a magic weapon that scales with Intelligence, making it an ideal choice for mages or sorcerers.



    One of the main advantages of the Crystal Sage's Rapier is its scaling with Intelligence. This means that the more points you have in Intelligence, the more damage the weapon will deal. Additionally, the weapon has decent scaling with both Strength and Dexterity, making it a versatile choice for many different playstyles.

    Another advantage of the Crystal Sage's Rapier is its ability to pierce through enemy defenses. The weapon has a high critical hit rate, meaning that it can deal massive damage to enemies when used for backstabs or ripostes. Additionally, the weapon has a unique skill called "Crystal Blade," which temporarily imbues the weapon with even greater magical power, making it even more deadly.

    Where to Purchase:

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    In conclusion, the Crystal Sage's Rapier is a powerful magic weapon that can make Dark Souls 3 a little bit easier for players. With its scaling with Intelligence, piercing abilities, and unique skill, the weapon is a must-have for any mage or sorcerer. By purchasing the weapon from www.farmgolds.com, you can save time and start unleashing its power on your enemies right away.


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