The Fastest Way to Level Up Engineering in New World

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    The Fastest Way to Level Up Engineering in New World

    New World has a significant focus on gathering resources and crafting items, so much so that players have different levels for their characters in each individual gathering and crafting skill.

    Each skill does something different in the game, and you need a high level of the Engineering skill if you want to create better tools.

    Engineering allows you to make items at a Workshop such as your own cartridges, bullets, gathering tools, and even some weapons like muskets and bows.

    In order to make the most out of a crafting skill, players need to level up their Engineering, and it might take a while if you’re not doing it in the most effective way.

    So if you want to know the fastest way to level up engineering in New World, this guide is here to tell you exactly what to do.

    Make Gunpowder

    Make Gunpowder 

    In order to start leveling up a crafting skill, you need to find something that is reasonably easy to make and that you can mass produce. In the case of Engineering, it’s not as easy as making timbers or charcoal, but there is a way.

    Players can make Gunpowder since it has no requirement whatsoever, and the ingredients are not that complicated to find.

    In order to make a lot of Gunpowder, players need three items:

    · 5 Charcoal

    · 1 Saltpeter

    · 2 Flint

    Charcoals are the easiest part. You will need to bring some Green Wood — you need to know where to find Green Wood first — to a smelter and turn them into charcoal there.

    Flints are not rare, and at this point of the game, if you’re already looking to level up Engineering, you most likely already know where to find Flint in New World.

    As for the Saltpeter, things might be a bit more complicated. Saltpeter can be an item that demands a lot of traveling to gather. Buying it at a Trading Post is most likely the easiest way if you’re looking for where to find Saltpeter.

    However, if you want to save some gold, you might wanna take a trip to Torrentdown cave in Windsward.

    Make Gunpowder 

    Enter the cave and go through the veil. You should see a lot of saltpeter to be collected from the floor near the area where the Corrupted Chaplain is.

    Once all those items are collected, you can just go to a Workshop and craft the Gunpowder. If you don’t need all that Gunpowder, you can always sell it at a trading post and make money to buy other more ingredients.

    Another item that helps you level up faster — assuming that you have the ingredients to craft it — is the Weak Proficiency Booster. It requires:

    · 1 Air Mote

    · 1 Soul Mote

    · Water

    It will be harder to craft it consistently, though. Air Motes and Soul Motes are considerably harder to gather at a higher pace, such as you can do with Flints, Green Wood, and Saltpeter.

    So do make Weak Proficiency Boosts whenever you have to chance to do so, but keep going out for the ingredients that allow you to make Gunpowder, and you’re going to quickly raise your Engineering level.

    Make Tools

    Make Tools 

    Although up to level 60 — or even a little above that — your primary source of Engineering experience will be Gunpowder, new things will appear for you to craft.

    At level 50, you will be able to craft Steel Tools, and their ingredients are not that complicated to find.

    Although the quantity varies slightly, all Steel tools require the ingredients:

    · Steel Ingot

    · Refined Wood

    · Leathers

    You will need Charcoal and Iron Ingots to make Steel. The Windsward region has plenty of Iron Ore and it’s a good place if you’re looking for where to find Rawhide for the leather.

    If mining and going to a smelter is not something you often do, perhaps you might wanna start making the occasional Aged Wood Fishing Pole:

    · 13 Lumber

    · 3 Leathers

    · 2 Cloth

    Tools can be salved or sold, which means that making them is not that as financially troubling as it might seem at first.

    You might also want to craft Steel Cartridges at this point. Their ingredients are relatively easy to find, and Steel Cartridges require level 50 of Engineering, which means that they might provide many experience points.

    Here’s what you need to make Steel Cartridges:

    Make Tools 

    · 1 Gunpowder

    · 2 Sateen

    · 3 Steel Ingots

    Making Steen might be a bit complicated as it demands Linen, Crossweave, and a Weaving skill at level 50. Alternatively, you can make it from Silk and Solvent with a Weaving Skill at level 20.

    It will take a while, but once you level up enough, you will be able to craft Starmetal tools too. The ingredients for those tools are nearly identical to those made of Steel.

    Crafting tools that demand higher quality metal are more complicated to make and do provide more experience, but they might not even be worth the trouble.

    Why it’s Important to Level Up Engineering

    The thing about the Engineering crafting skill is that it is a crucial factor determining the Item Score of crafted items. This means that the higher your Engineering level, the best your tools will be.

    You also need a high level in Engineering in order to make those rare metal tools for better gathering speed, gaining some azoth, a chance of finding rare items when gathering items, and so on.

    Those are all things that can be greatly improved with the right tool in your hand, and there is no better tool than the one you made five times or more until you got exactly what you needed.

    Engineering at a high level means that players do not have to spend their gold buying items. They will be able to make high damaging cartridges, high-quality arrows, rare metal tools, repair kits, and even some weapons such as muskets and bows. 

    Last but not least

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