The Top 10 Builds in Dark Souls 3 - Bleed and Hollow Build

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    What is Bleed and Hollow Build?

    The Bleed and Hollow Build is a build that focuses on causing bleed damage to enemies while also making use of the Hollow infusion. Bleed damage is a unique type of damage that causes enemies to lose a portion of their health over time. The Hollow infusion, on the other hand, increases your Luck stat and causes your weapon to deal additional damage to enemies that are also hollow.

    How to Create Bleed and Hollow Build?

    To create a Bleed and Hollow Build, you will need to choose the right Starting Class, Core Stats, Weapons, Catalysts, Spells, and Rings.


    Starting Class

    The Starting Class you should choose is the Mercenary. This class starts with a good Dexterity and Luck stat, which are both important for the Bleed and Hollow Build.

    Core Stats

    The Core Stats you should focus on are Dexterity, Luck, and Endurance. Dexterity will increase your weapon damage, Luck will increase your bleed build-up and increase your Hollow infusion damage, and Endurance will increase your stamina.


    The best weapons to use for this build are the Warden Twinblades and the Hollowslayer Greatsword. The Warden Twinblades have a high bleed build-up and can deal massive damage when used correctly. The Hollowslayer Greatsword, on the other hand, is a great weapon for the Hollow infusion and deals bonus damage to enemies that are also hollow.


    For catalysts, you should use the Pyromancy Flame and the Caestus. The Pyromancy Flame is used to cast spells, while the Caestus is used for parrying and dealing damage.


    The spells you should use are Carthus Rouge, Fire Surge, and Black Flame. Carthus Rouge is used to increase your bleed build-up, Fire Surge deals fire damage to enemies, and Black Flame is a powerful close-range spell that deals damage and knocks enemies back.


    The rings you should use are the Prisoner's Chain, Ring of Favor, Life Ring, and Carthus Milkring. The Prisoner's Chain increases your vitality, endurance, and vigor, while the Ring of Favor increases your HP, stamina, and equip load. The Life Ring increases your max HP, and the Carthus Milkring increases your Dexterity and adds a visual effect to rolling.

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    The Bleed and Hollow Build is a powerful build that can take down even the toughest enemies in Dark Souls 3. By following the guide above, you can create a strong build that will help you succeed in the game. Don't forget to check out farmgolds for affordable prices and fast delivery on all Dark Souls 3 items.

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