What Do These D2R Modifiers Do - Piercing

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    We will continue the series “What Do These D2R Modifiers Do” by introducing Piercing this time, which is also one of the special modifiers in Diablo 2 Resurrected. As newcomers, we may wonder what Piercing is, or what this can do, in which Diablo 2 Items we can find this modifier? So let’s dive into it and find the answer.


    What Is Piercing

    Piercing is identical to the Amazon skill Pierce. But Piercing is not the carrying ability of Amazon. It is the characteristic of some Diablo 2 Items such as Bows, Crossbows.


    What Does Piercing Do

    Pierce of Amazon adds the chance for striking multiple targets just with only one attack. It helps Amazon players to hit foes behind the target which has been hit. And there is no limit to how many enemies can be attacked. In theory, with Pierce, an attack can hit all foes when they stand in a line.




    Piercing works on some D2R Items. It gives a few per cent chance for a projectile to pass through a target and to hit a target behind it. This works exactly the same as Amazon's Pierce ability but differing items will have a differing per cent chance of piercing.


    Which D2R Items Have Piercing Attack

    Amazon players in different levels have different Pierce chances. To get more Pierce chances, they can choose to use weapons, which have the Piercing attribute to strengthen their Pierce skill. And a lot of Diablo 2 Resurrected Items can be chosen. These Piercing bonuses do stack with Amazon's Pierce ability. For example, Razortail at 33% Piercing plus 67% Pierce from the Amazon ability would give a 100% chance to pierce. And the data of other Diablo Unique Items can be seen below:




    How Many Enemies Can be Hit

    Although the amount of enemies hit by Pierce is not limited, Amazon players can't fully utilize more than 80-90% Pierce in most situations and foes can not be distributed as we expected. The best record of many Amazon players is 4 or 5 enemies.


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