What Is the Best Solo Class in ESO for PvE 2022

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    Welcome to Lucky Ghost's solo class tier list for ESO PvE. 2021 has been filled with adjustments to many of The Elder Scrolls Online classes. These adjustments lifted some of the classes from the bottom of the pack while cutting others down from the top. If you want to know the best solo class in ESO right now, please read this post on FarmGolds, a professional ESO gold store.



    Magicka Warden: B-

    Magicka Warden (Magden) is almost amazing: It almost has amazing damage, good sustain, and a frost mage identity. However, the other classes do better in those aspects. While I'm trying to help my Warden embrace her class identity, I have to make concessions: I could use a Fost Damage set, but there are non-frost sets that would hit harder; I could use Cold skills but, in the end, there are only a few that actually work.


    Out of the twelve abilities on my two bars, I could only justify a few Frost abilities on this frost mage. In summary, I'm bummed about the current state of the Magicka Warden. Having a competent frost mage in the game would be a lot of fun, but, unfortunately, the strongest version of the Magicka Warden is anything but a Frost Mage. It would use a bear instead of its cold Ultimate; It would use Bahsei's Mania instead of Frostbite. Even after you sacrifice all of that identity, it still feels lacking compared to the rest. Despite this, it's capable and great for bringing Brittle to your group and group content. The damage of a Magicka Warden is just okay, and the sustain is not great. Magicka Warden is placed at the bottom of the pack for those reasons.


    Stamina Templar: B

    The Stamina Templar (Stamplar) is the king of simplicity: A few buttons can get your parse near 100K DPS with your eyes closed. But this also makes the class a tad vulnerable. The class spammable does a ton of damage but can leave you unprotected due to it being a channeled ability. This means you can't block while using it like you can with other spammables. However, with the Ring of the Pale Order on, you will get a ton of life.


    The Stamina Templar also has a Rune that it can put on the ground to significantly reduce the damage it takes by granting Major Resolve. However, ZOS recently nerfed this Rune, removing a playstyle that promoted standing within the Rune to bolster players' defenses further. This was an unfortunate change for this melee-centric class, who had no choice but to stand toe-to-toe with the boss. What's worse is that in the latest patch, the game allowed Magicka classes to wear Stamina gear, making Magicka Templar become an absolute beast while wearing the Stamina Templar's gear.


    To curb the power of the Magplar, ZOS nerfed the gear that had served the Stamplar so well. As a result, the Stamina Templar is currently in the worst shape I've seen in two years. In ZOS's attempts to curb the power of the Magplar, the Stamina Templar has been the collateral damage. 


    On the bright side, Stamina Templar has excellent mobility thanks to Toppling Charge – its built-in gap closer, and it puts out a ridiculous amount of damage with little effort, making this the easiest class to play in the game. In solo. Stamina Templar is hitting softer and lost some survivability in its Rune's design, leaving it here, toward the bottom of the pack.


    Stamina Sorcerer: B+

    Stamina Sorcerer (Stamsorc) has some cool-looking abilities. However, Hurricane can make it difficult to know what your character is doing. For new players who aren't confident in their muscle memory of their rotation yet, this can be confusing as you're often hoping you press the right button with no way to see whether you actually did or not. Hurricane provides Major Resolve, does great damage, and increases your movement speed, allowing you to be fast, tanky, and able to cleave enemies down with ease.


    Stamina Sorcerers also have access to the Sorcerer pets, who can off-tank and do tremendous amounts of damage on their own. Stamina Sorcerer is still one of the hardest classes to kill in the game, thanks to its Critical Surge while putting out great damage. One downside is that your pets can be unreliable, and you don't have a class version of Major Breach, which means you've got to go to PvP to unlock it. 


    Stamina Necromancer: A-

    Stamina Necromancer puts out an insane amount of AoE damage with ease. Its semi-spammable – Blastbones still hits harder than almost any other ability in the game and the massive AoE fashion, making it a blast to play. Not only that, the Beckoning Armor makes being melee a joy as ranged enemies are sucked in automatically by your armor, providing Major Resolve and adding to your tankiness. 


    As the newest class of TESO, Necromancer is a well-rounded class, but one downside of it can be the unreliable nature of Blastbones. Blastbones is a skill that has some bugs: Sometimes, it gets greyed out, preventing you from casting it; Sometimes, it will have an existential crisis and just not explode, although it has been more reliable as of late. 


    The Necromancer received some nerfs to its execute damage and buffs to its skull spammable in 2021. ZOS still wants Necromancers to be a DoT class, so be prepared to manage a lot of DoTs if you run a Necromancer. 


    Magicka Nightblade: A

    Magicka Nightblade (Magblade) is incredibly simple to play in some ways. You can play the Magblade poorly and still do an excellent job of staying alive because your spammable, Swallow Soul, is healing you every time you use it. On top of that, this spammable is a ranged ability so that you can kite around enemies or just look in their direction and delete them.


    Nightblades are fantastic for soloing because of their ease of access to life-leeching abilities that bring life back in. They also have fantastic ultimate regeneration, allowing them to reuse their ultimate rapidly.


    In 2021, the Magblades were on the receiving end of a few nerfs, bringing their damage ceiling down quite a bit. They've flown very close to the sun for a long time, so this wasn't really unexpected. If the remaining classes were not performing insanely well in solo content right now, I'd put the Magblade even higher. 


    Stamina Warden: A+

    The buffs to the Stamina Warden are still helping this class hit so hard. Stamina Warden is one of the highest parsers in the game right now, if not the highest. The rotation is fairly simple, and the skills look amazing.


    Warden is also a DLC class, so it has a well-rounded kit with fun utility abilities. In 2021, the buffs to Caltrops and Stampede had helped close, if not eliminate, the gap between Magicka and Stamina DPS in solo content.


    Caltrops is a great AoE damage ability that can also provide Major Breach, while Stampede is now a fantastic mobility skill that also provides a sizeable DoT. Neither of these skills is exclusive to the Warden, but they perform great on this class. 


    In summary, the Stamina Warden puts out a nearly unmatchable amount of melee AoE damage and incredible single-target damage. This class also has some fantastic utility abilities and bar buffers that help it be easy to play and hard to kill. 

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    Magicka Sorcerer: S

    The Magicka Sorcerer is always rated high due to its built-in healing from Critical Surge and pets that kill things for it. The Magicka Sorcerer has easy access to Major Resolve for damage mitigation, a powerful and cost-effective spammable, and easy access to Life Leech through Crit Surge. Even new players will find themselves performing fairly well in this class, making it easy to slide toward the top of the list. 


    As a Magicka Sorcerer, your pets will do a lot of the work for you, but they are double-edged blades as their AI will sometimes let you down. My biggest grievance with the pets is that they have to be double-barred, requiring them to take nearly half of your ten slots. This isn't all bad as they are low maintenance and greatly simplify your rotation as many of your skills are duplicates. For these reasons, the Magicka Sorcerer will be the first class on the list to receive the coveted S-tier rating.


    Magicka Necromancer: S

    Magicka Necromancer is sliding down a couple of slots due to some buffs the other class has received, but it's still performing great. 


    The Magicka Necromancer hits so hard: It does so much AoE damage with its class abilities and uses those same class abilities to provide Major Breach, damage mitigation, and self-healing.


    As a Necromancer, you will specialize in applying lots of DoTs. In group content, you'll replace your spammable with another DoT. Depending on your taste, this could be a good or a bad thing, but it results in the Necromancer having one of the most difficult rotations in the game. 


    The Necromancer received a nerf to its execute passive. This makes the execute phase boring on the Magicka Necromancer due to the lack of execute abilities and its underwhelming execute passive now.


    The Necromancer is the newest class, and you can feel that in the fantastic utility of its skills and the wonderful ways you can combine them to create something great. Between Blastbones and all of the DoTs you're putting down, the damage ramps up as the battles go on, making this class a blast to play.


    Magicka Dragonknight: S

    Previously, this class was on the bottom of my list, but now, it's perched very high towards the top. For two years, the community cried out for a buff to the Dragonknight, and ZOS finally answered.


    The Dragonknight received buffs to its sustain and damage output. When set up appropriately, the damage is insane, and your character is nearly unkillable. You literally can't run out of Magicka if you want to. The Ring of the Pale Order does a lot to make up for the deficiencies of this class's self-heals. It also gets to use dual-wield daggers for an extra critical chance with no downside as it's going to be in melee range to use its whip spammable.


    With the built-in sources of damage mitigation, the built-in Major Breach, and incredibly powerful DoTs, this class is easy to set up and fun to play.


    Stamina Nightblade: SS

    Stamina Nightblade has a lot of built-in self-healing and damage mitigation, and it gains so much free critical chance and critical damage through its class passives. Not only that, but the spin-to-win execute, also known as Whirling Blades, is so effective on the right builds.


    Like the Magicka Nightblade, its damage ceiling was impacted by the changes to crit, but it is still great in solo content. Dual-wield just feels right on the Nightblade. Plus, it allows for even more critical chances.


    Your spammable provides Major Resolve, and some of your abilities cost Magicka instead of Stamina, which works out great for your sustain. Multiple abilities on this build bring back health, and you can use the Ring of the Pale Order to abuse further those poor bosses lurking throughout Tamriel.


    As for any adds that dare walk up to you while you're fighting a boss, your Whirling Blades will make short work of them. Tons of life leech, great passives, and an inexpensive ultimate make the Stamina Nightblade a great solo class.


    Stamina Dragonknight: SS

    Stamina Dragoknight was the former No.1 solo class on my list, and it is still one of the best classes for solo after it benefited heavily from the DK changes. 


    While it was great in solo content, it was lacking in group content. For this reason, ZOS gave the Stamina DK a sizable buff to give it a competitive edge in group content. These changes to the Stamina DK helped it in group content and further cemented its place as one of the strongest solo classes in the game.


    Stamina DK has insane damage, unrivaled sustain, and damage mitigation. As a Stamina Dragonknight, you can be a Tank that does damage, and this class is easy to play and build. If you want to stand toe-to-toe with a huge boss and kill it, using a giant two-handed weapon with some poison and fire DoTs, then Stamina Dragonknight is an excellent choice for you. 


    Magicka Templar: Best Class for Solo

    Magicka Templar (Magplar) received some much-needed buffs recently, catapulting its damage through the roof while allowing it to maintain an easy rotation.


    The Magicka Templar is the easiest and most powerful solo class in the game right now. You can kill the enemies by only using Toppling Charge and Puncturing Sweep. Puncturing Sweep is a helpful skill that brings back 40% of the damage you deal as health. The Magicka Templar also has one of the coolest executes in the game, which is often referred to in the community as the Jesus Beam, and this beautiful execute also returns life while you use it.


    Due to the nerf to its Rune, the Magplar lost a little tankiness, but it has gained so much damage. Not only that, the changes to armor passives and gear allow the Magplar to use the same gear that once made the Stamplar great.


    Magicka Templar is fun, cool, powerful, and, most importantly, it's easy to play. In short, it is the best solo class in The Elder Scrolls Online right now. 


    That is the TESO solo class tier list for 2022. However, don't let this tier list decide your class for you. No matter which class you choose, it will be capable of doing all content in the game, so you just need to pick the one that looks awesome to you.


    ZOS is constantly balancing the game, so Lucky Ghost will re-evaluate all the classes and give them a report card all over again, so please be sure to subscribe to Lucky Ghost's channel for more future content. You can also read helpful posts on our ESO new page. 


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