What to Do After Reaching Level 50 in Lost Ark

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    If you play Lost Ark, then you may know that level 50 is a very important turning point in the game, and after level 50, you may get more Lost Ark Gold and rewards.  Today, FarmGolds would like to show you what you can do after reaching level 50.



    1. Quests

    When you get to level 50, you will be able to get to the main city-Vern Castle. We suggest cleaning all  quests in the Vern Castle, because most of the quests are guides which help you a lot in terms of understanding the game and they can also help you unlock the dungeons, etc. So it's important to clean all the quests here. 



    2. Chaos Dungeons

    At this time you can complete the Chaos dungeons, choose the highest one which matches the item level, and the lowest one requires item level 250. After your main quests to the Rohendeal, you can do the Rohendeal Chaos Dungeons too. And the same as Yorn, Feiton, Punica, you can complete Chaos Dungeons twice every day! If you have time, you can also do more since you can get some kinds of currencies. And the currencies can be used to exchange some items from an NPC who is at the right bottom corner.


    Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons


    Lost Ark Exchange Cost



    3. Guardian Raids

    As with Chaos dungeons, you need to choose the highest one which matches your item level. It's harder and since now most of the players are new to this game, so it’s better to party with other players to complete it, and it will be easier. And you can complete  Guardian Raids twice everyday!


    Lost Ark Guardian Raids



    4. Daily Quests

    Press Alt+Z, and you will be able to check the daily quests. Since you can do only 3 daily quests every day, so you need to check the rewards and choose the one which you prefer. You can also choose Guild quests from here.


    Lost Ark Daily Quest



    5. Tower

    When you get to level 50, you can do the tower too, which will also get you a good amount of rewards.


    Lost Ark Tower



    6. Abyssal Dungeon

    You can access the Abyssal Dungeon at the top of the city, and the lowest one requires item level 340. There are many other Abyssal Dungeons requiring higher item levels. It's harder to complete but it gives more good rewards.


    Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeon



    7. Guild

    You can join a good guild too, and the Guild Donation can get bloodstone. You can use the bloodstone in exchange for materials, chests and other good items in guild stores.


    Lost Ark Guild Exchange Cost



    8. Gear Update

    Gear update will increase your item level. 1-6 has a 100% chance of success, but from level 6 to level 7, there will have a chance to fail. The success rate can be checked from the NPC.


    Lost Ark Gear Update



    9. Farming Gold

    As with most of the other games, you can use Lost Ark game Gold to buy gears and materials to help update your character faster.


    Those are the basic things that need to be done after level 50 in Lost Ark. Of course, there are still many other contents to do, such as Cards, Game Events and so on. Players can explore them in the game.


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