Where to Get Ring of the Wild Hunt in ESO

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    Ring of the Wild Hunt is a Mythic item that boosts your speed in and out of combat. The ring increases your Movement Speed by 15% when in combat and by 45% when out of combat, making the ring a great option for fast-moving or gathering builds and useful for niche PvP builds. Mad Rabbit Gaming and ArzyeL Gaming show you how to get Ring of the Wild Hunt in The Elder Scrolls Online.


    Like all Mythic items, Ring of the Wild Hunt consists of Leads, and you need to find the Leads and put them together to get the ring, using the Antiquities System. 


    To complete the Ring of the Wild Hunt Mythic item, you need Scrying and Excavation (Greymoor Expansion). Once you find the Lead, do the Scrying and Excavation in the same zone you found it.


    Note that some content requires you to have access to several DLCs and Chapters. Also, since there are World or Dungeon bosses during your searching, it requires you to join a group to get the Leads (unless you're good at soloing). The Leads don't drop 100% of the time, so multiple farming sessions might be required.



    Ring of the Wild Hunt Lead Locations


    Lead 1: Symbol of Y'ffre

    Zone: Greenshade

    Drop from: World Boss Pelda Tarn or Thodundor's View 


    Symbol of Y'ffre Locations


    Lead 2: Face of the Serpent

    Zone: Grahtwood Dungeon – Elden Root

    Drop from: Final Boss – Canonreeve Oraneth 


    Face of the Serpent Location


    Lead 3: Band of Water

    Zone: Glenumbra Public Dungeon – Bad Man's Hallows

    Drop from: Any Boss Inside.

    *Note: Trash mobs here drop another lead – Ring of the Pale Order


    Band of Water Location


    Lead 4: Face of the Wolf Beast

    Zone: Malabal Tor Two World Bosses (either one)

    Drop from: Bone Crappler's Nest or Bitterpoint Strand


    Face of the Wolf Beast Locations


    Lead 5: Charm of the Shapeless

    Zone: Murkmire

    Drop from: World Boss – Bok-Xul


    Charm of the Shapeless Location


    Those are the five Lead locations for the Ring of the Wild Hunt. We hope the RNGesus is on your side while you go searching. Don't forget to subscribe to ArzyeL Gaming's and Mad Rabbit Gaming's channels if you like their content. Please also keep checking back for more ESO tips and tricks


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