Why I choose The Falchion in Dark Souls 1

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    The Falchion is a curved sword weapon in the action role-playing game Dark Souls. It is a popular choice among players due to its speed, versatility, and unique moveset. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of the Falchion, its pros and cons, and how it can be effectively utilized in the game.


    The Falchion is a fast and nimble weapon that is favored by players who prefer a more agile and quick-hitting combat style. It has a distinct curved blade and is known for its fluid and graceful attacks. The weapon scales primarily with Dexterity, making it an attractive choice for players who have invested points into this attribute.


    One of the key advantages of the Falchion is its quick attack speed. This allows players to unleash a flurry of strikes, overwhelming enemies with a relentless barrage of attacks. The weapon's moveset includes a variety of slashing and sweeping motions that can clear out groups of enemies or deal quick, successive blows to a single target.


    Another notable aspect of the Falchion is its bleed effect. With each hit, the weapon has a chance to inflict bleed buildup on the target. Once the bleed meter is filled, it triggers a significant burst of damage, making the Falchion particularly effective against enemies with high health pools or resistant to traditional forms of damage.


    Furthermore, the Falchion is relatively light and does not consume excessive stamina with each swing, allowing players to maintain a rapid and aggressive combat style without becoming easily fatigued. This aspect makes it a suitable choice for players who favor mobility and fast-paced engagements.



    However, the Falchion does have its drawbacks. Its range is limited compared to other melee weapons, which can leave players vulnerable to counterattacks from enemies with longer-reaching weapons. Additionally, the Falchion's damage output is not as high as some heavier weapons, so players must rely on a combination of speed and precision to overcome tougher foes.


    In terms of customization, the Falchion can be upgraded along different paths, allowing players to tailor its attributes to their specific playstyle. Whether emphasizing raw physical damage, enchanting it with elemental effects, or enhancing its bleed buildup, players have the flexibility to modify the Falchion according to their preferences and combat strategies.


    When it comes to combat tactics, the Falchion's speed and bleed effect make it a potent weapon for hit-and-run tactics. Players can capitalize on its quick strikes to chip away at an opponents health while maintaining a cautious distance to avoid retaliation. The bleed effect serves as an additional threat, pressuring enemies to defend themselves and creating openings for further attacks.


    In a player versus player (PvP) context, the Falchion's fast and unpredictable moveset can catch opponents off guard, allowing players to exploit openings and create opportunities for punishing counterattacks. Its speed and bleed effect can also apply pressure to opponents, forcing them to be more cautious and defensive in their approach.


    In the realm of PvE (player versus environment), the Falchion's speed and bleed effect make it an effective choice against tough and resilient enemies. By inflicting bleed buildup, players can bypass an opponent's high physical defense and deal significant bursts of damage, which can be critical for overcoming formidable adversaries and challenging encounters.

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    The Falchions versatility also makes it suitable for various character builds. Whether as part of an agile dexterity-focused build, a hybrid build that incorporates magic or ranged combat, or as a secondary weapon for quick, close-ranged combat, the Falchion can complement a wide range of playstyles and character setups.


    Ultimately, the decision to use the Falchion in Dark Souls 1 comes down to personal playstyle and preferences. Whether seeking a fast and agile combat experience, desiring the strategic advantage of the bleed effect, or looking for a weapon that can be customized to align with specific character builds, the Falchion offers a compelling option for players seeking a swift and versatile melee weapon. Its balanced combination of speed, versatility, and unique characteristics makes it a beloved choice among players seeking a dynamic and engaging combat experience in Dark Souls 1.

    In Dark Souls 1, the Falchion can be acquired in a few different ways.


    The easiest way to obtain the Falchion is by purchasing it from the Undead Merchant Malee, found in the Undead Burg. You can buy it for a relatively low cost of souls.


    Another method to obtain the Falchion is through farming. The Flamberge-wielding Infested Ghouls in Blighttown have a chance to drop the Falchion when defeated. This method may take a bit longer but provides an alternative means of acquiring the weapon.


    Once you have obtained the Falchion, you can utilize its swift and versatile attacks to enhance your combat abilities and navigate the challenging landscapes of Dark Souls 1.


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